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AI’s Return – Top 10 Countdown: #6

No. 6 – “I Score Points” 

The number 6 moment for Allen Iverson in a Sixers uniform is an amazing record-setting run during Iverson’s rookie year. With the 96-97 season winding down, the Answer wrapped up the ’97 rookie of the year award by dropping 40 points in 4 straight games against the Bulls, Hawks, Bucks, and Cavs, setting the NBA rookie record.

After dropping 50 against the Cavs to set the record, Iverson said it was just as simple as ” I score points.  We don’t have a lot of scorers on this team and that’s what I do best.”

Number 6, a NBA record.

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AI’s Return – Top 10 Countdown: #7

No. 7 – Great Balls of Fire 

The number 7 moment comes comes from the 2001 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. In game 6 Allen Iverson dropped 46 points and was simply on FIRE.  He scoring 26 of those in the 4th quarter as he single handedly almost brought the Sixers back from a 33 point 4th quarter deficit.

Yes, this moment does come in a losing effort, but Iverson put a very big scare in the Bucks and he set the tone for Game 7.  Which we all know Iverson and the Sixers had the last laugh in winning the Eastern Conference Title.

At number 7 an incredible scoring spree in the 4th quarter of Game 6 2001 East Finals.

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AI’s Return – Top 10 Countdown: #8

No. 8 – “Where my Coach At?”

The number 8 moment in our countdown of the ten best Allen Iverson moments in Philadelphia comes from the magical 2000-2001 season. The 2001 All-Star game in Iverson’s home city, Washington DC, Iverson came out and stole the show. With his oft embattled coach Larry Brown, the Eastern Conference coach, Iverson helped lead a 21 point fourth quarter comeback for the East squad. Iverson finished with 25 points, 5 assists, 5 steals and took home the game’s Most Valuble Player award.

During the MVP award ceremony, the true magic of that ’01 seasons run to the finals was on display, Iverson tried to show his bitter feud was over, as he tried to pass all the credit to his coach. The famous moment “Where my coach? Where my coach at? Coach Brown? This is a tribute to my coach…”

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Big 5 Battle by the Beach

a-10-tourneyt.gifIn Atlantic City at 6:30 this evening the Temple Owls begin their run at an A-10 final berth and an at-large bid in the NCAA tournament, as they face off against city rival the La Salle Explorers.  The Owls come into today’s quarterfinal game after having the luxury of a first round bye. The Explorers are fresh off there thrilling 82-79 win over Duquesne yesterday after senior guard Darnell Harris drilled a 27 foot three-pointer to give the Explorers a two point lead. After a defensive stop and a made free throw La Salle advanced with the three point victory, setting up the Big 5 rivalry match.

There is no distinct advantages in having a quarterfinal bye besides gaining a day of rest and preparation. The team playing on back to back days doesn’t necessarily have the tired legs yet from tournament play, and they also have had a chance to play in the arena and adjust and settle in with the surroundings. They are already in game mode and pumped about yesterday’s thrilling victory. The team coming off the bye, Temple, has all this working against them as we head into tonights game.

With that said, Fran Dunphy seems to have his squad’s focus in the right place, and after coming off a solid finish to their season, the Owls now realize the opportunity is there for a tourney birth with a good showing in AC. Look for the Explorers to keep it tight through the first half, with Temple pulling away to a double digit win in the second half to move into the semifinals Friday night where they will play the winner of the Charlotte-UMass quarterfinal game.

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AI’s Return – Top 10 Countdown: #9

No. 9 – A Whirlwind of Answer 

The three time NBA steals leader, turns another defensive play into an offensive masterpiece.  Our number nine moment comes from the 2000 1st Round playoff series, as the 76ers squared off against the Charlotte Hornets.

As Iverson comes up with yet another steal against the Hornets, he drives the length of the floor in the 2 on 1 fastbreak.  As he approaches the lane he jumps to make a pass, as he turns and sees it is Eric Snow trailing the play, he realizes it is probably a higher percentage to continue spinning and try make the shot then to drop it off to E Snow for the highly probable missed lay up. In true Answer fashion, he completes the bucket himself, and another highlight is created, our number 9 moment in AI’s Sixer career.

  *vid to come, could only find a compilation with this highlight, working on an isolated vid



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AI’s Return – Top 10 Countdown: #10

As we look forward to the return of legendary 76er Allen Iverson to the (215) one week from tonight, we begin a tribute to the Answer and will take a look back at some of Allen Iverson’s greatest moments in a Sixer uniform. We will be counting down his top 10 highlights on daily basis with the top three coming on game-day, Wednesday, March 19th at the Wachovia Center.

Without further ado, lets begin the countdown…

No. 10 – Easy like Sunday Morning

On a Sunday afternoon game in Toronto’s Maple Leaf Garden, with the shot clock running down, Sixer guard Eric Snow drives into the lane and draws two defenders, (as we all know in the (215) why would anyone leave their man to help on Eric Snow) . Snow stops, pulls up and attempts a bank runner that is naturally off the mark and a highlight for the ages is in the making.

While the ball hangs in the air, 6-11 Raptor center, Marcus Camby appears to have great box out position on a Sixers big man (is that Scottie Williams), when the 6 foot Iverson SKIES over the trees and emphatically one hand slams the put back over the Camby Man. Promptly followed by native Canuck John Saunders “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That’s a point guard folks. You know once a game this guy will do something that will make you fall out of your seat!”


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The Big 5 SHUT-out?

big5-logo.jpgAs we steamroll towards the final  weekend of the regular season of college basketball and prepare for the major conference tournaments to start next week, all of the Big 5 schools are in danger of failing to make the big dance.  This would make the city of Philadelphia un-represented in the NCAA tournament for the first time in over three decades.  Here is the tale of the tape for the Big 5 (6 schools) and their chances at getting into the field of 65.

First, let’s get the obvious out of the way:

  • U of Penn  OUT – Cornell wrapped up the Ivy League title last week. The Ivy League has never sent multiple participants to the Tournament.
  • Drexel  OUT — The Dragons are 12-19, sitting in the 11th seed in the Colonial Athletic Conference at 5-13. The only way they can cash in a ticket to the dance is by winning 4 games in 4 nights next week at the CAA conference tournament to capture the automatic berth.
  • La Salle  DOUBTFUL — The Explorers still have an outside shot at a first round bye in the A-10 tournament in Atlantic City next week, and that will be a helpful boast. The only way we see La Salle making into the field of 65 is with a conference tournament title as well.

Now, the three semi-legit contenders:

  • Villanova  QUESTIONABLE — The ‘Cats too, will need to do some work in their conference tournament next week in the Big Apple. Of all the Big 5 teams, Villanova being in the Big East tournament gives the Wildcats the best opportunity to make a splash with a couple wins.  With only two quality wins over ranked opponents this year (Pitt and UCONN) combined with a weak strength of schedule and a recent double digit loss to city rival St Joe’s, ‘Nova’s bubble might have already burst. 
  • St. Joseph’s  QUESTIONABLE — The Hawks have been playing themselves right out of the big dance the past couple weeks. Once a solid number two in the Atlantic Ten, a recent slide has moved the Hawks out of that position. Combat that with a low RPI, and a handful of embarrassing loses (at Creighton & Holy Cross) and it all might be too much to overcome. The silver lining is the Hawks still appear to have their fate in their own hands, with two strong opponents left on the Hawks schedule (Xavier and Dayton).  If St. Joe’s can run the table all the way to the A-10 final, they could find themselves in the field of 65.
  • Temple  QUESTIONABLE — Lead by senior co-captain Mark Tyndale, junior Dionte Christmas, and Suburban One League’s own Pennsbury grad, freshman LaVoy Allen, the Owls are playing their best basketball at the right time. A classic victory over St. Joe’s followed up with win Wednesday night vs. Duquesne and the Owls have a decent chance to finish 11-5 and in sole possession of second place in the Altantic Ten. Their win over Duquense last night clinched a first round bye next week in Atlantic City.  An impressive 35th ranked strength of schedule might be filled with too many loses (7) to carry much weight, and again it might take a run to the A-10 final for the Owls to be invited to the dance.  Of all the Big 5 teams, the Owls have the best shot at representing the city when the field of 65 is revealed Sunday March 16th.


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Owls Win Another Classic at Palestra

Another steamy night at the Palestra, another instant classic between Temple and Saint Joesph’s, and perhaps new life for the Temple Owls tournament hopes.

temple-st-joes.jpgSunday night at a jam packed, steaming hot Palestra, over 8700 fans filed in to watch yet another game for the ages as the Temple Owls defeated the St. Joe’s Hawks 57-56, moving the Owls into sole possession of 2nd place in the Atlantic 10.

Temple had been trailing the entire game until they finally battled back to get within a point with 25 seconds remaining in the contest.  With the building rockin’, Temple  senior and co-captain Mark Tyndale held the ball at the top of the key.  Saint Joseph’s best defender Garrett Williamson, down in his defensive stance a few feet away. Tyndale went hard to the right, and in a flash the ball was coming through the net, the Owl student section going nuts, Temple had a 57-56 lead with 22 seconds remaining for the first time.

Then as the Hawks Pat Calathes lefty runner was off the mark, the ball landed in the hands of Tasheed Carr, and when his baseline fade away came up short, the Owls survived.  A Big 5 title is now Temple’s to lose and more importantly, outside hopes of a NCAA tourney birth are still on life support.

“There’s 8,722 going crazy,” Temple coach Fran Dunphy said. “It’s hot as hell. The atmosphere is fantastic . . . What else do you want?”

“That [last 22] seconds was the longest [22] seconds of my life,” said Tyndale, who is on pace to become the first player in A-10 history to finish in the top 10 in points and rebounds and top five in assists.

Temple has two games remaining before they head to Atlantic City for the A-10 tournament a week from Wednesday.  If they can put together a nice win streak at the right time of the year, and perhaps make a run all the way to the A-10 tourney final, Philadelphia could avoid not having at least one Big 5 team in the tournament for the first time in the past three decades.

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REPORT: Sheppard out? Asante and Fitzgerald In?

As the NFL free agent period opens this Friday, February 29th, we are already beginning to hear serious grumbles around the (215) that our Philadelphia Eagles could be very active.

The latest winds blowing around my sources, are that the Eagles will heavily pursue former Patriots CB Asante Samuel. Also if the Patriots fail to come to terms with a one Randal Moss, the Eagles will also be in the mix of teams vying for his services.

Lately we have all also heard about Lito Sheppard’s unpleasantries with Eagle brass and more specifically his contract. The Eagles are also apparently seriously trying to hammer out a trade, sending Sheppard to the Arizona Cardinals for WR Larry Fitzgerald. Now this could be contingent upon Asante sporting midnight green first, but we are not sure at the moment.

The Sheppard for Fitzgerald talks seems to make sense for both sides. One of the Cardinals glaring needs going into this off-season is secondary help, and Sheppard would be an instant fix to that problem.

More to come……..


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Allow Me to RE-Introduce Myself….

Doesnt really pertain to the (215), but Lebron is GLOBAL. 

Cleveland Cavalier superstar Lebron James is a free agent at the end of the 09-10 season. Same said 09-10 off-season the New Jersey Nets will be making their move from East Rutherford to Brooklyn. 

The Nets happen to be just one of rap mogul, Jay Z’s, semi-recent investments. Jay Z and Lebron happen to be very close friends and even recently celebrated Lebron’s 23rd birthday and Jay Z’s club opening, together pg2_w_lebron_jayz_275.jpgin Vegas. 

Everyone knows when you hear Lebron speak about being the one the best in the league, he always mentions how his aim is bigger, not to be just an NBA superstar, but a global icon.  Achieving this goal, although close already, is not easy to do playing in Cleveland, Ohio. What better stage for his stardom to explode then with his friend, the Jiggaman himself, in the biggest city in the world, New York, New York.

So, some food for thought; you heard it hear first people, during the 2009-2010 off-season Lebron James will become a Brooklyn Net. 

If …. WHEN Lebron ends up in Brooklyn, look for him and the Nets to take over and dominate a city that has been ruled by the Knicks for 50 some odd years. And the bricks for a powerful team are already being put into place. Forward Richard Jefferson should still be around, point guard Devin Harris should be in his prime, an already impressive big-man rookie Sean Williams, and a young talented back-up point guard in Marcus Williams.  And lets not forget those two first round draft picks just obtained in the Jason Kidd trade, to go along with their own.  Look for the Lebron James led Brooklyn Nets to be a young, exciting, up and coming force in the East in the 2009-2010 NBA season.


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