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Our Newest Member at the (215)

William J Doyle

Not a lot is known about William, some say he’s more myth untitled.jpgthan man.  His name is used as an alias for criminals, degenerates, and people signing up for free karate lessons.  He sometimes goes by Billy, Bill, or the Doy. 

We’re not really sure where he posts from or how, because he is a known illiterate.  Some say he is the real life inspiration for Keyser Soze from The Usual Suspects.  Others say he is the real life inspiration for Charlie Conway from the Mighty Ducks.  It’s hard to say which is true.  We allow him to keep posting though, because he may very well be mentally disabled and we can write it off as charity on our taxes.

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Our Newest Member

And with the first pick in the BlogMaster Draft, the (215) selects :      JEL KIPER

Jel came to us a few months after the launch of the site in hopes of finding a home where he could get his word out to the viewing public. Jel Kiper, the long lost brother of NFL Draft Guru and ESPN regular Mel Kiper, has much more to offer the NFL fan then a crazy haircut and a distorted view on the NFL draft.  Jel is a ladies man, he is a handsome fellow, smooth talker, and a TRUE NFL draft expert. Jel is a lifelong Eagles fan and although his NFL knowledge extends across the league, his primary focus is on the Eagles.

Have a fantasy question?
Jel also dominates in the fantasy world. He has won low stakes, high stakes, keeper, and IDP leagues and was an astonishing 4 for 4 last year winning every league he entered (this is very true folks, beat me (Brian) in one of the leagues Championship).  Want to lose your fantasy league? Ask Jel any fantasy question and you are sure to top out at 2nd place.

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Hello Philadelphia

215 Sports is a Philadelphia-based sports blog.  It’s for those who “bleed green” and love all Philly sports.  We’re here to bring you some fresh opinion and news as well as have some fun, hopefully you are as well.

The Authors



The Name 

According to Wikipedia:

The 215 was one of the original area codes established in 1947.

This area code, along with nearby area code 610, is being used as a symbol of hometown pride of many young people who dwell within it – for example, a Philadelphian student at Penn State might say he’s “repping the 215″ at his school.!

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