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The Biggest Night of Drinking of the Year

Another G+ test.

Who’s going out tonight for some libations with friends?

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Happy Thanksgiving 215ers

Happy Thanksgiving to all the 215ers out there.

This is a test post for a Google+ experiment.

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Notre Dame vs Pittsburgh (NCAAB)

Line: 126.5

Bet : Over – 2 units


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Sports Betting Hedge Fund

Ok peoples, long time no post. But heres what I’ve been up to lately. I do some sports betting on the side. And I’ve found a system coined by Mark Cuban and this other dude (sources to be given later).

I sold some text links on another site of mine to a prominent online sports book, and instead of exchanging cash, he set me up with a sports betting account loaded and ready to roll. Now I had done my fair share of betting in college and was never really successful, usually came out even, but nothing special.

Now I’m finally making a good living and always wanted to get back into doing some sports betting on the side. I figure I watch games daily and might as well make it interesting ya know. I had also recently read an article written by Mark Cuban about a sports betting hedge fund theory (

I took it and ran with it. I followed this other guys betting strategy and haven’t looked back (

Read more sources and getcha game up and start following. I will from this day moving forward, document my bets here on the 215. Read, watch and learn people.

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A Hodge Podge of Links

I need to plug some of my websites. Work websites – Check out if you need cash advances online. Check out if you need payday loans.

Looking for ashtrays online? Check out’s giant selection of cigar ashtrays, cigarette ashtrays, outdoor ashtrays, glass ashtrays and more. sells eagles decals, phillies decals, and flyers decals.

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My New Store

I need to plug my new Ashtray ecommerce store real quick.  I started a new site that sells some very nice and high end Ashtrays.  We cater to all types of smokers with a nice variety of ashtrays made in all different shapes, sizes, and materials.

For the cigar smoker in your family, we offer a decent amount of high quality Cigar Ashtrays.  We plan on expanding our inventory of cigar ash trays, so stay tuned for new arrivals.

Perhaps cigarettes are your fix, then check our our inventory of Cigarette Ashtrays.  From your basic Plastic Ashtrays to some very nice Metal Ashtrays, our line of cigarette ashtrays is constantly growing.

At first we planned on stocking a decent amount of outdoor products, but we just cannot seem to find a quality supplier.  Hopefully in the near future, and with this early success, we can find build some new relationships and offer a wider selection of ashtrays.

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What’s up Y’all

Been a long time coming since I’ve posted up on this here Philadelphia Sports blog.  But I’m back.  I’m working on moving the site to a new domain and philadelphia-eagles-logohosting a philadelphia sports forum as well.  Here’s hoping ehh.  Hope I can find the time.

Anyway, Eagles… They got the Saints this weekend and god I hope we can shut down Drew Brees.  I hope the Eagle Defense doesnt get too flustered in going from one of the worst quarterbacks in the league, Jake Delhomme, to arguably the best, Drew Brees.   I think we can slow down their running attack which means more passing, and hopefully Sheldon, Asante, Quintin and the Macho Man can handle that shit.

That then brings me to the next not-so-fun point.  Kevin Kolb is most likely getting the start…. Kevin Kolb fuckin’ sucks.  Ok maybe he doesnt suck that bad, but damn he needs to show me something this week.  Hey, no pressure Kevin, this may be the only chance you get for a long time with Michael Vick in town.  So play your heart out bud.

Speaking of Michael Vick, I cannot wait to see what he brings to this Eagles offense.  Really trying to get some tickets to that this upcoming week.

Prediction:    Saints 24   Eagles 17.  I don’t see McNabb playing, Kolb blows.  Brees goes deep for 3.  Westbrook scores.

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Slammin’ Sammy Dalembert, Helping Team the Only Way He Knows How

Bitch Slapping Dwight Howard in the eye that’s how!   philadelphia_76ers

Magic center Dwight Howard said he will visit an eye doctor later today to examine his right eye but he doesn’t expect his vision issues to cost him any game or practice time.

Howard was eye raked across both eyes while soaring for a loose ball with Samuel Dalembert.  Sammy, obviously knowing he was not going to grab the rebound over the Magic’s beast in the middle, took the cheap way out and performed his best wrestling move.  Sammy used the eye-rake which was made famous a ways back my Mankind, aka Dude Love, and went right for Superman’s only penetrable body part, his eye socket.

Howard Dwight told the Daily News that he suffered no pain or blurriness in either eye but was seeing spots in front of his right eye when he closed it.

Just when I close it, it’s a whole bunch of flashing lights and stuff.  I’m not worried.

After a light practice shooting free throws with assistant Patrick Ewing, Howard said he doesn’t expect to miss any practice or game time. The teams meet again in Orlando Wednesday night where the Sixers look to shock the world.

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Online Casino Info Center

So I stumbled across this website today while looking at some early lines for the NCAA Final Four.  Online Casino Topic is this pretty awesome onlinecasinotopiccomprehensive website that provides information regarding all the major online casinos.  It provides daily updates on bonus offers and deposit bonus’s for all the major us online casinos.

OnlineCasino also provides the inexperienced gambler with a whole slew of information including casino tips online and the best way for them to start out in the online casino arena. Not only do they provide information on games but also strategies for certain games as well as online casino software for gaming.

The new fad in online gaming is using offshore sites to either hide your winnings or avoid tax penalties.  With the economy the way it is today, being US citizens, we now more then ever, need to start feeding our hard earned US dollars into hard working US companies.  So for all you US citizen gamblers out there, why not start spending your money in some US online casinos, as opposed to the offshore, European gaming sites.  With the government of the US accepting online casinos now, why even run the risk of putting your money overseas to begin with.  Just cruise for the best deposit bonus and start your search there.  Thats what I did.  Just got some free money to put on Villanova in the Final Four.

So if you ever have a question about a casino game or want to learn a specific strategy about a game you’ve been playing for years, stop on by Online Casino Topic.  You will not be dissappointed.

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Redskins Shell out Some Loot: Land Haynesworth and Lock Up Hall

The freakin’ Washington Redskins hit the free agent lotto Friday morning by reaching agreement with Albert Haynesworth on a seven-year, $100 million deal that could end up maxing out at $115 million with performance incentives.


The deal includes $41 million in guaranteed coin bitches.

They also locked up DeAngelo Hall somehow making him one of the highest paid corners in the league now.  Where did they come up with all of this cash all of a sudden?  Hall inked a six-year $54 million deal that included $22.5 million in guarantees.

Eagles: the ball is in your court, time to make a move.


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