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Update: Phillie Fazools

After some careful consideration the Fazools made a transaction last night. 

DROP: Geoff Jenkins LF Phi

ADD: Carlos Marmol RP ChC

The Reason:  Geoff was my only Phillie and actually happened to be Mr. Irrelevant in the draft (I had the #1).  I really would have loved to keep him past the first week of fantasy play but I he would have rotted away on my bench and never really cracked the rotation with Alfonso Soriano, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Matt Diaz all in front of him, and all LFs (the league setup is where you HAVE to have a LF, CF, and a RF, then just an OF spot.  Why not play Geoff at the OF spot you say?  I also happen to have Xavier Nady (RF) and Jeremey Hermida (RF – DL15) behind Jeff Francouer(RF) who I would most likely insert before Geoff Jenkins, being that he is the most platooned out of all my outfielders. 


Carlos Marmol setup Kerry Wood for the Cubs before Kerry decided to go and blow it.  He fanned three out of the four batters he faced and had some really good stuff.  I figure you can always have pitching, especially relievers who are solid and will see the field more then once every five days.   


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Phantasy Beisbol – Meet the Fazools

arod2.jpgSo my buddies and I started our first fantasy baseball league ever and had the draft last Thursday. All of us are rooks except for one, Pubby, whom I’m not matched up against for a while, so no biggie. I lucked out with the number one overall pick with whom I had to take Alex Rodriguez. Being a Phillies fan, Chutley and J Roll were both highly considered, and I did happen to freak out a bit and get nervous as my clock continued to tick away. Once the beeping started and I only had 5 seconds to draft I just took A-Rod. I’m pretty confident it was a smart move and am riding him all year to the promised land. He’s untouchable kids.

First pick was great and all, mainly to brag to my pals that I had the #1 pick again (also had the #1 in our Fantasy Football last year and took LT) but it sucks in the snake order of drafts. Having to wait for 20 picks to go by is brutal and makes it tough when you have to try and take two guys who you think wont make it back around by the time it is your pick again. I think I would much rather draft towards the middle in future drafts, mainly because I have never had the option and would like to try it out.

C Joe Mauer
1B Adrian Gonzalez
2B Tadahito Iguchi
3B A Rod
SS Edgar Renteria
LF Alfonso Soriano
CF BJ Upton
RF Jeff Francouer
OF Jacoby Ellsbury
UTIL Big Papi
LF Matt Diaz
LF Geoff Jenkins
RF Xavier Nady
CF Curtis Granderson (DL15)
RF Jeremy Hermida (DL15)
RP Chad Cordero
RP Jeremy Accardo
SP Tim Lincecum
SP Javier Vazquez
SP Tim Hudson
SP Zack Greinke
SP Tom Glavine
SP Kevin Millwood
RP Manny Corpas
SP Jeremy Bonderman
SP Dave Bush
RP BJ Ryan (DL15)

Let’s meet the team. My team, the Phillie Fazools, is led by, well the #1 pick Alex Rodriguez. After that I managed to grab Alfonso Soriano, David Ortiz, BJ Upton, Curtis Granderson (who is on the 15 DL – did not know when I drafted him – sonuvabitch) and Joe Mauer just to name a few. The rest is listed to the right.

The setup of our league is head – to – head with five categories in each batting and pitching. For batting the categories consist of homeruns, runs, runs batted in, batting average and stolen bases. For pitching our categories are wins, strikeouts, saves, WHIP (walks + hits per innings pitched) and ERA.

I’m pretty happy with how the Fazools turned out, but I definitely need to make a play for a backup infielder. I will most likely package Jenkins and Diaz for some value. Once Granderson comes back and I can insert him into the center field spot and BJ back to 2B I will have a much more dynamic squad.

Being that I am a rookie, any and all input is appreciated and will be taken into consideration barring no retarded moves or asshole comments about the Fazools. Like here, by Jel.

 The Fazool Logo



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Phillies Predictions


Steve – 91-71, 1st place NL East
Brian – 96-66, 1st place NL East, this is our YEAR
Chris – 89-73, 2nd place NL East, 2 GB NY Mets, no playoffs

Primetime Pitchers
Cole Hamelscole1.jpg
Steve – 19-4 2.97 ERA, 219 Strikeouts
Brian – 19-8 2.75 ERA, 207 K’s
Chris – 21-5 3.33 ERA, 234 K’s will lead the National League in Strikes and W’s, will have 12 wins at the all-star break and will be NL Starter, will be the only Phils starter come September that is able to pitch more then 5 innings per start.

Brett Myersbrett.jpg
Steve – 17-6 3.43 ERA 203 Strikeouts
Brian – 18-7 3.23 ERA 186 K’s
Chris – 5-3 2.18 ERA 43 Saves 115 K’s.  Myers will start the regular season 4-0 with a 1.15 ERA and on a cold blistery night in Denver in late April, Myers will pop his groin and be forced to goto the 60 day DL. 

Some Bold Predictions

  • Pat Burrell sets career highs in HR and RBI. Burrell finally is putting in the work to turnaround his career. He got a taste of winning and worked hard all off-season to improve his game. Throw in the contract year and the fact that the Phils lineup should provide ample opportunity and Burrell continues where he left off the second half of last season.
  • Chase Utley wins the National League MVP. Not too bold since he was on pace last year to win it before he got hurt, but having 3 straight Phillies win MVP’s would be insane. I think he will hit around .340 and lead the National League in Batting Avg. (How could ownership not go out and add a front line starter next off season with 3/4 of the infield yielding the last 3 MVP’s. C.C. Sabathia anyone? I had to make that last part very bold since the beginning was weak)
  • The Phillies lead the league in scoring. They score over 900 runs and have Howard lead the NL in HR, Rollins in scoring, and Utley in Avg.
  • They have 4 players hit more then 30 HRs (Utley, Feliz, Howard, Burrell). They have two players over 40 Stolen Bases (Victorino and Rollins).
  • The Phillies are AT LEAST 4 games over .500 by the end of April.
  • Charlie Manuel successfully completes over 35 double switches.


  • Johan throws at J Roll’s face.  J Roll ducks out of the way just in time but takes the ball off the back of the helmet.  He rises and points his bat at Johan and utters, ” You filthy piece of NY Shit.” Johan retaliates by signalling with his arms in Jimmy’s direction, “Bring it on.”  This in turn sparks a bench clearing brawl at Citizens Bank Park, which spills over into the stands and Phils fans start a serious melee on all Mets fans in attendance.  It will go down as the biggest fight in US sports history as every Met fan there (besides women and children) are brutally beaten.  204 victims, 3 dead. 


  • With Myers on the DL for 2 months, during that time the Phillies will go from starting the season 15-5 in their first 20 games into a complete tail spin through May and June. The injury to Myers will be just the beginning of the crumbling of the pitching staff. Kyle Kendrick has a stint on the DL, the replacement team of Kris Benson, and the Durbins Chad and JD, will not work. Tom Gordon’s arm will finally fall off, and one Brad Lidge will have to under go season ending knee surgery in the beginning of May.
  • Leading to bold prediction number 2. Brett Myers will come off the DL and back to the Pen. Once again out of necessity, Bretty Myers will have 50+ appearances out of the bullpen ass the closer converting 43 of them into saves to lead the NL in that category as the Phils will go on a torrid 2nd half tear only to fall 2 games short of the Mets as Myers will blow the save on the second to last day of the season to the lowly Nationals.
  • Geoff Jenkins will have more HR’s then Pat Burrell.
  • Jayson Werth will have more HR’s then Pat Burrell.
  • Shane Victorino will have more HR’s then Pat Burrell.
  • Jimmy Rollins will lead the NL in doubles, triples, SB’s, and Runs scored, and will come in 2nd in the NL MVP voting to Alfonso Soriano of the NL Central winning Cubs.
  • Carlos Ruiz will NOT get any better at speaking English.
  • Adam Eaton will go 15-11 pitch 180 innings and will have a respectable 3.99 ERA.


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