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Iverson Reaction…

Iverson came back last night.  A 15-month wait definitely added to the anticipation, and I would say it lived up to every expectation.  I love how the national issue, on PTI, Sports Center, and if I could stand watching Around the Horn, I’m sure stat boy brought it up.

How would the fans react?

This had to be one of the dumbest, media drawn-up questions ever.  There was no doubt in my or any Philly fan’s mind that the man would get a standing O.  A better question is;

Would the crowd get so emotional, that they all leave the arena to gain composure, then when that didn’t work, would they all go to Billy King’s house and poop on his lawn?

I wonder what Skip Bayless would have prognosticated.

I’m pressed to remember any athlete’s return to his old team being so emotional.  Thank God the announcer began introducing the rest of the Nuggets because A.I. was about to lose it, and frankly, so was I.

I was proud of the crowd for mustering up a powerful booing for the Nuggets after such an ovation.  When A.I. started blowing kisses, I was okay, when he pounded his chest, I was okay, but when he pulled out the old Hulk Hogan ear to the crowd… I had to think happy thoughts.  The Hogan ear was his go to move whenever he realized how sick the show he was putting on was.

What a great game too.  That was the most intensity I’ve seen in a Sixers game since Iverson left.  Not only does A.I. make everyone on his team better, he makes everyone on his old team better.  No basketball player in the league relates to his fans like Iverson.  That’s something 100 years from now, the numbers won’t show, and only the lucky fans that got to see him play will understand.

Iverson understands.  He understands exactly what happened in Philly, and he even takes responsibility for it.   “I had a big hand in me getting traded,” Iverson said. “I always wanted to finish my career here in Philadelphia. The opportunity was there for me to do it. In a lot of ways, I made sure that didn’t happen.”

I wish Larry Brown came into the press conference at this point and pulled a Robin Williams/Good Will Hunting on him.

“Hey Allen, you see this shit, all this.  It’s Not your fault.”
“Yeah, I know.”
“It’s Not your fault.”
“I know.”
“No, no you don’t.  It’s not your fault.  It’s not your fault”
“Don’t fuck with me Larry!”
“It’s not your fault.”
“Don’t fuck with me Larry!  Don’t fuck with me, not you!”

Then they just hug and cry.

Okay, maybe I wish I had done that and not Larry.

Anyone that doesn’t recognize how incredible an athlete, how rare it is for an athlete to have the understanding Iverson has about the way he’s perceived and the maturity to handle it the way he does, is well, I’ll just say it… a racist.  And probably a Nazi.

I think that’s accurate.  Anyone who doesn’t love and appreciate someone like Iverson is very clearly, a Nazi.

On a side note.  The Sixers look promising, very athletic, very young, and seemingly no attitude problems.  If they can land a veteran 3 point shooter, they might actually contend for the east on a yearly basis.  I wouldn’t put it past them to make waves in the playoffs this year, which is a huge surprise.

Iverson is the greatest Philadelphia sports Icon of the last 20 years… hands down.  Eskin can eat a dick up til he hiccups.


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A Melting Pot of Thoughts


What’s with the Pat Burrell Pic? 

Apparently the Phillies came out to the first day of camp wearing shirts with this picture of Pat the Bat and beneath the pic it says, “Man or Machine?” and on the back of the shirt it says, “Winning Starts Now.”

If your not a fan of the Phillies, you have to be a fan of this move. If I found a picture like this of anyone I knew I would definitely make shirts.

These guys are Philly’s best chance at a championship. I feel good about it. Great group of guys. Not one guy on the team was on the Mitchell Report. We had one dirty player, Abraham Nunez, but we shipped his ass out before the report came in. He was the weakest part of the infield. So either we’re the cleanest team in baseball, or we’re the best cheaters because no one has gotten caught. Either way, respect it. If it weren’t for the Phillies I wouldn’t watch baseball at all. They seem to be immune to all the bullshit and commentary surrounding the game. They’re too busy dealing with the bullshit that comes with being in Philly.

It’s funny, the Phils make me watch baseball, and the Sixers make me want to stop watching basketball. Although, since Billy King got fired there has been hope. For example, dumping salary like Kyle Korver. Kyle was great for the team’s sex appeal, but no where near worth the money he’s getting. Since Korver was traded though, the Utah Jazz have been the best team in the league. (Go check out who the GM for Utah is that orchestrated this trade. I’m basically famous.)

Oh and I’m a Nuggets fan until Iverson gets traded, retires, or dies on the court from his giant heart exploding. Go Nuggets!

In case you didn’t know, I’m pro-steroids in professional sports. Bigger, stronger faster. Sounds like a better show. I also think every sport should allow fighting like hockey does.

You see the new American Gladiators?

That show is super gay.

Television has evolved since the last Gladiator was on. The audience has been exposed to much more violence, extreme videos, and assholes who eat buffalo testicles for Joe Rogan. We need more out of this show. More blood, actual danger, and some mean motherfuckers who do a whole bunch of coke and hallucinogens right before they fight.

We can go on Youtube and watch low quality street fights. If they just took the savage beating element of a shitty street fight and up the production level to that of a network show, who wouldn’t watch?

If there is a possibility a guy could lose an arm trying to win a
million dollars and become the next American Gladiator… I’m not missing an episode.

But if you parade around these f@g$ in wrestling unitards and have them hit each other with the thickest padding ever, and the worst thing that happens is they fall 8 feet into a pool of water… then I’m sorry I don’t have a reason to watch.

At least make the joust higher than a high dive. And fill the pool with sharks or a few piranha. I want to see fear in their eyes.

You know damn well it wouldn’t be hard to find contestants for this. People will do anything for money or T.V. exposure. We exploit dumb people all the time… it’s what we do. Why can’t we just take it up a notch, put their lives in needless danger?

This is America! We’ve got the biggest balls in the world. Lets show all those other fuckers how crazy we are. This is all I’m saying.

Also, this has got to be a low point for Hulk Hogan. His son is facing vehicular manslaughter charges. His big boob wife is divorcing him (Although I heard it was a big hoax, so when they sue Hulk for his son’s crime, they can only take half his estate. They can’t sue his wife too. I don’t know how valid that is).  His only daughter is basically making a B-line to Playboy. And to top it all off he’s the co-host, not the host, of a show he probably despised in his prime.

I mean, he had to hate the original American Gladiators, right? They were a direct competition on Saturday morning television. What were the gladiators if not a poor man’s WWF wrestler? Those who can’t fake wrestle… gladiate?

(That gladiator Wolf is like if Kevin Nash and the Ultimate Warrior had a retarded child.)

By Kevin O’Connor (Guest Author)

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