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Update: Phillie Fazools

After some careful consideration the Fazools made a transaction last night. 

DROP: Geoff Jenkins LF Phi

ADD: Carlos Marmol RP ChC

The Reason:  Geoff was my only Phillie and actually happened to be Mr. Irrelevant in the draft (I had the #1).  I really would have loved to keep him past the first week of fantasy play but I he would have rotted away on my bench and never really cracked the rotation with Alfonso Soriano, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Matt Diaz all in front of him, and all LFs (the league setup is where you HAVE to have a LF, CF, and a RF, then just an OF spot.  Why not play Geoff at the OF spot you say?  I also happen to have Xavier Nady (RF) and Jeremey Hermida (RF – DL15) behind Jeff Francouer(RF) who I would most likely insert before Geoff Jenkins, being that he is the most platooned out of all my outfielders. 


Carlos Marmol setup Kerry Wood for the Cubs before Kerry decided to go and blow it.  He fanned three out of the four batters he faced and had some really good stuff.  I figure you can always have pitching, especially relievers who are solid and will see the field more then once every five days.   


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