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Ocho Cinco Credits McNabb for Attitude Change

Chad Ocho Cinco is crediting Donnie McNabb with helping him adjust his attitude during training camp. donnie-to-ocho-td

Ocho Cinco, who had spent the offseason criticizing Bengals management and proclaiming to the media that he would appreciate a trade out of Cincy, said McNabb helped convince him to put his teammates first and forget about his personal disappointments.

Ocho Cinco, calling McNabb a close friend, said McNabb reminded him that while he might feel miserable, millions of people would gladly trade places with him.

God I wish we coulda signed this guy.  Imagine Chad running flys and catching Donnie’s bombs.  Hey Chad, get back to complaining this off-season and come help us out in the NFC East.  We the fans WILL LOVE YOU and show you all the support you need.  PS, send me a jersey.

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Ocho Cinco “Looks Damn Good in Midnight Green”

Caption: In a recent video conference with the 215, Chad put on his Donovan jersey for us and said that “I look damn good in midnight green”.


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Fool’s Gold Rush

With numerous April Fool’s rumors swirling around the Philly sports world today, as probably every major market, lets put to rest a few articles that some assholes tought would be hilarious to post. 

 This however is true, and really awesome.

On a more serious note now, I went home for lunch today and tuned into ESPN to hear the NFL segment where they put teams on the clock and go over their needs and wants as the draft approaches. 

The Vikings happened to be the featured team and at first they discussed their incredible rookie sensation Adrian Peterson and how they are stacked at RB with Chester Taylor spelling him.  After that they questioned their quarterback position (Travaris Jackson) and mentioned how Donovan McNabb is their guy to fill the spot.  WHAT THE F?

I thought all this Donovan trade talk was put to bed a while ago, and here we have ESPN, the Mecca that is sports TV and Media, broadcasting (spreading more rumors) to the world that this guy is back on the market and most likely going to be dealt.  I swear these fuckers just make shit up to fill time on their show.  Personally I don’t know where they come up with this stuff, and it seems as though their researchers/reporters in the field have as much access and knowledge as a blogger like myself.   

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Don’t, Don’t, Don’t, Don’t Believe the Hype

Source: Update on Wide Receiver Hunt

March 5, 2008

Jel Kiper here to report some info that I found this morning.

A source close to the situation, the same person that broke the Asante Samuel signing to us, has confirmed that the Eagles will seek Roy Williams or Chad Johnson in a trade. The source told us to expect the Eagles to bring in a big name wide receiver this offseason. Asante Samuel was number one on the list and a big name receiver was a close number two. The Eagles are currently sitting tight awaiting to hear about the Larry Fitzgerald negotiations, but they will also seek Roy Williams or Chad Johnson if the Fitzgerald deal seems unlikely.

This confirms earlier reports by OTR that the Eagles are indeed loading up for a run. Eagles fans should be very excited that the Eagles organization is ready to take the team to the next level. Pieces are being put in place and hopefully all goals will be accomplished this offseason so the Eagles can make a Super Bowl run.

Don’t believe the propaganda that Reid, Banner, and Spadaro are throwing out.  They cant seem desperate, even though they are.


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“As for Me, 85, I’m Always Ready For My Closeup”

Ocho Cinco arrived late to the Pro Bowl, but he surely stole the spotlight. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t a good one.

Johnson, who wants out of Cincy, and who can blame him, did200px-chad_johnson_2007.jpg a brief NFL Network interview with Jamie Dukes but he blew off the national media. Apparently, he brushed aside a NFL public relations representative who tried to stop him because it’s mandatory that Pro Bowl players do interviews. Never knew that it was required to be annoyed and hassled, give they guy a break will ya.  

In the NFL Network interview, Johnson cyptically hinted about his desires of departing.  In more words then less, Johnson said he wanted those in the Bengals organization who have been speaking out against him to go public with their complaints. He said he was hearing them for 16 weeks.

“But now I don’t hear them,” Johnson said. “Where are you at now? It’s time to let it out. The only voice I here is mine. Consistently, I’ve done it,” he said in the NFL Network interview, according to The Associated Press. “I haven’t done it perfect, but consistently at a high level. I get out of line at times, but what great one doesn’t? What great one doesn’t get emotional? Find me a great one who hasn’t done it like that and I’ll be quiet.”

I can actually think of a few great ones that are quiet; Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Jerry Rice to name a few.

But as a die-hard Eagle fan, let’s please pick this guy up.  Donovan wants playmakers, B-West wants playmakers, I WANT PLAYMAKERS.  Ocho Cinco in Eagle Green would be a beautiful sight to behold.

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Donovan Replies to Fan’s Online Blog Post

D5 actually responded to a fan via his blog mcnabb.jpgon Yardbarker.  I dont know too many atheltes that would actually take the time to do that, except for maybe Gilbert Arenas, the blogmaster that he is.  Donovan seems to have turned over a new leaf since the heavy criticism early in the year, and I think its just the kinda of outlook he needs to get this team back on track.  The Championship track that is.
If the New York “Football” Giants could win the Super Bowl this year by defeating hands-down the best team ever in the NFL, there’s absolutely no reason the Iggles can’t do it in ’08.  I completely agree with everything this fan had to say and I thank McNabb for taking the time to respond.  Lets go Eagles!

Here is the beginning of his letter:

Dear 5,

I’m gonna try to do this without coming off as corny as possible. But I’m actually writing an open letter on a website to a premier athlete, so I realize the irony. But regardless, as a DIE-HARD Eagles fan who just witnessed another division foe add another Lombardi to their trophy case, I feel the need to express the thoughts and feelings of my fellow disheartened brethren everywhere. Well, that and I can’t sleep.

There isn’t even a debate that you are the greatest QB this city has ever seen. Some people may not believe that the fans of this team agree with that sentiment. But the fact remains that we are the ones who actually made that proclamation this year when we voted you in for the 75th anniversary team.

Click here to read the rest of the letter.

Here is Donovan McNabb’s response to him:

Thank you for the very kind words. Yes, I believe that many fans feel the same way as you and I cherish that support. We are no different…I want nothing more than to end the heartache of Eagles fans by bringing a Super Bowl championship to Philadelphia.

Trust me the effort is there. It’s been my life’s ambition to win a championship at this level. In 1999, when Coach Reid and I first got together, we each envisioned what it would be like to win a Super Bowl for Philadelphia. We still share that dream of seeing it become a reality.

It all starts with winning the NFC East. We have to get back on top of the division. Congratulations go to the Giants for their Super Bowl win but that was for the 2007 season. As we get ready for 2008, we have a fresh start. We must find a way to be better than the Giants, the Cowboys and the Redskins.

So “J,” thanks again for the kind words and support. Please keep the faith in me and the Eagles!


And if we can’t get Chad Johnson, lets get Roy Williams.

Puhhleasee get one of those wideouts.

Thank you All Philadelphia Sports.

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