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AI’s Return – Top 10 Countdown: #9

No. 9 – A Whirlwind of Answer 

The three time NBA steals leader, turns another defensive play into an offensive masterpiece.  Our number nine moment comes from the 2000 1st Round playoff series, as the 76ers squared off against the Charlotte Hornets.

As Iverson comes up with yet another steal against the Hornets, he drives the length of the floor in the 2 on 1 fastbreak.  As he approaches the lane he jumps to make a pass, as he turns and sees it is Eric Snow trailing the play, he realizes it is probably a higher percentage to continue spinning and try make the shot then to drop it off to E Snow for the highly probable missed lay up. In true Answer fashion, he completes the bucket himself, and another highlight is created, our number 9 moment in AI’s Sixer career.

  *vid to come, could only find a compilation with this highlight, working on an isolated vid



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