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Villanova Moves On: Dominates Duke

Total domination from start to finish.  Nova came out with a chip on their shoulder and locked down the Dukies beginning on their first possession.

The Wildcats beat Duke to advance to the Elite Eight, getting 14 points and 11 boards from Dante Cunningham.  Nova now draws Big East rival and #1 seed Pittsburgh on Saturday for a trip to the Final Four. The Wildcats beat the Panthers 67-57 in their regular-season meeting in Philly.

Shane Clark and Reggie Redding held Duke star Gerald Henderson in check all night, holding him to 1 of 14 shooting and only 7 points.  Scottie Reynolds paced the Cats with 16 points while Reggie Redding added 11 points and 9 boards.

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Jay Wright now lands his squad back in the Elite Eight for the second time in the past 3 seasons, but can he take them to the Final Four.  It would be his first and Villanova’s first since their championship season.

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Coach K Has Utmost Respect for the Villanova Wildcats

A pretty good read over at Philly.com if your a hoops guy.  I have always hated Coach K, but I love Villanova.  Maybe my feeligns towards Coach K are starting to turn after reading this.  He is a damn good coach, but I was always a North Carolina guy myself, and we all know you can’t like anything Duke if your a Tar Heel fan.  Anyway check out this link and give it a read.

Yeah, I think we’re similar in a lot of respects.  I think the very first thing is we don’t have players who are positioned. We have basketball players . . . You’re not going to call [Dante] Cunningham a center, but you call him a really good player. [Scottie] Reynolds, he can play with the ball or off the ball. And [Dwayne] Anderson – we’re very similar in that regard.

And I think Jay has done a good job in allowing his kids to use their abilities and trust them and I think we do, too . . . They’re probably a little bit deeper offensively than we are, because when they have [Corey] Fisher and [Corey] Stokes off the bench, it raises their offensive abilities. They can really put out an outstanding offensive team when those two kids are on the court with Cunningham, Anderson and Reynolds. And they can score from every position.

Coach K sees some Villanova in his Duke team

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