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What the Blood Clot?

As your Philadelphia Flyers prepare for game 1 of their Eastern Conference quarterfinal match-up against the Penguins, last night defensemen Kimmo Timonen, the man who was going to be primarily responsible for keeping Sidney Crosby, was lost for the series.

In game 4 against the Canadiens, Timonen blocked a shot that deflect off his left ankle and after playing in severe pain in the game 5 clincher, Timonen had a MRI earlier in the week that did not reveal the clot. But after going to the hospital yesterday, a surgeon discovered the clot. BING BANG BOOM, out for the series.


Yes I am being Neg – adelphia right now. But why should we expect anything else? Every time we get close to the promised land, something out of the blue arises. Joe Carter, Marshall Faulk, Ronde Barber, Ricky Manning Jr, Bill Beli – cheat, going against a team on a 20 game win streak in the playoffs (Colorado Rockies), Shaq and Kobe. There always seems to be something and now this.

Our best defensemen is now out for the series and the Flyers must adjust on the fly. But still feel confident Flyers fans, Derian Hatcher’s new line mate will most likely Braydon Coburn, the two of them were paired earlier in the season and were very successful together. And now look for Coburn and Hatcher to share the responsibility of shutting down Ev-gay-ni Malkin, and Sydney Cunt-sby, and look for fine results. And if Marty Biron continues on the pace he has set all post-season, although YES this loss is a huge blow, it might not quite be fatal.

Prediction: Flyers in 7 gut-wrenching games.

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The New Kid on the Ice (Block)

20-year old Ryan Parent finally received the call up.  Parent has performed masterfully on the ice this season for the Phantoms warranting the call from the Flyers.  Truthfully they have some banged up defensemen at the moment; Braydon Coburn (ruptured artery), Derian Hatcher (knee), but Parent has played good enough for the Flyers to take a serious gander. 

There is a very good shot he will see the ice tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning, which would be a good test for the youngster, in just his second career NHL game.  His effort in the coming weeks could prove very meaningful in the decisions the Flyers will make before or at the trade deadline, which is approaching very fast (Feb 26).

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