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Where’s the Imodium?

Well 215 fans, another Opening Day is upon us and on my morning drive into the office today, as on most mornings, I flip between 610 am and 950 am’s morning shows.

In doing so, I have become more and more sure DIA-Rhea Hughes is just about as enjoyable to listen too as the runny, watery, delightfully smelling diarrhea as her name suggests. 

I am almost positive that I despise Dia-Rhea more then that rhea_1.jpgCOCK-A-ROACH on WIP between the hours of 3 and 7 pm.

This morning was just another case in point. In a rather humorous conversation between Cataldi, Greg “the Bull” Luzinski, and former Phillies pitcher “Wild Thing” Mitch Williams, in which the Bull stated “the only way I’d ever hit a inside the park HR is if all three outfielders collided and burst into flames.” The subject then turned to how unfortunate it was that Luzinski’s career was chopped down a few years early due to knee replacement surgery.

Next, Dia-Rhea decides this is the perfect forum to go into a tangent about how she will not trust doctors.

You see, Dia-Rhea detailed they(doctors) don’t really know anything because someone in her family was really ill for a year and they couldn’t diagnosis it. Then one day her mother goes into a library does her own research and tells the doctors hey is it possibly this? TAAAA DDDAAAA; said family member is cured. So not only is Dia-Rhea Hughes’ mother Doctor House in solving this one in a million case in which the licensed, trained professional doctors couldn’t figure out the infection, it also causes Hughes to never take a doctor’s word …  in her words for the last 15 years.

Dear Dia-Rhea,

A woman with the true face for radio, and an equally delightful voice, it is time for you to move along Dia-Rhea and please rid the airwaves of your “lovely” presence.  Your voice sends chills down my spine and you have no relevance to SPORTS RADIO what – so – ever.  You were most likely hired because you are truly a bitch and would have cried “foul” for not getting the position. Go jump off the Walt Whitman please.

Thank you, that will be all for now.



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