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Sellout C’s Shellacking

The first sellout crowd of the year, over 20,000 fans, came out to see YOUR PHILADELPHIA 76ERS take on the Boston Celtics last night. With the Sixers surging of late, Monday night’s game against the Eastern conference leading Celtics had that playoff musk in the air. The ticket booths were jam packed as tons of fans were scrambling to find last minute tickets to what Mo Cheeks b3782ea0-f027-46a2-bb63-30fb9380ab3e.jpgdescribed as “one of the biggest games of the season.”

However it didn’t play out so well during the first few minutes for the Sixers as they spotted the Celtics a 15 point cushion. Jesus Shuttlesworth and Da Truth came out on FIRE, torching the Sixers D from all over the hardwood. The Sixers got back on their horse and mounted a nice comeback eventually tying the game at 44 with five minutes to go in the second quarter. The crowd went nuts and everyone was prepping themselves for an exciting second half.

The second half was a totally different story however. The Sixers could not buy a bucket coming out of the gates and slowly feel into a 10 point hole. Iggy, who was hot all first half was struggling in the second as he air-balled a free throw and starting building a house with all his bricks he was chuckin’ up. It wasn’t pretty to watch and proved the 76ers are a ways away from where they need to be.

Down 16 at one point during the fourth, it was definitely time to leave when Jason Smith started launching three balls. The Celtics went on to win their 50th game of the season, the first time since their 1992 campaign, 100-86.

  • Slammin’ Sammy – 2 points, 5 fouls – SHUT YOUR MOUTH and PLAY you LOSER!
  • Young Bucks: Lou Will didn’t look so good, Thad DID
  • Nice to see Sam Cassell return to NBA action in a Celtics jersey last night. He played AWFUL and received a standing ovation as he exited the game with three fouls after approximately 5 minutes of action, good stuff.
  • PJ Brown is still in the league, in case any of you were wondering, HA who knew. #93 by the way (Dennis Rodman ‘esque).
  • KG is a beast.

Oh You Know What Really Grinds my Gears:

Parking at the Sports Complex. WTF is with these morons that run that shit. For the love of God, why can’t they open more entrances right off Broad and around back between the Linc. They make everyone late because they have 2 or 3 entrances open for 20,000 fans to get their cars into. It’s ridiculous. And $11, are you serious?

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You Know What Really Grinds my Gears: When the Internet Craps Out

How does this happen?  Don’t they have technicians working round the clock to prevent this sort of thing from happening?  I have been in my office since 8:00 this morning.  The internet and my email were working for approximately the first 35 minutes of the day.  Then, the CRAP OUT.  ESPN starts thinking, emails stop coming in.  F*&$ Me! Since that time (8:35 am) I have been sitting here, listening to WIP, reading the newspaper and now, writing this post.  The time: 11:15 am.  How does one expect to conduct business without the means of Internet or Email in this day and age?  Not only can I not do my regular work, I can’t cruise the internet in between doing my regular work, and this my friends is what truly frustrates me to no end. 

I can’t even post this post that I am writing.  I am writing it in Word, to save and post later.  I’m heading to the john for a while to “Release” some frustration on that piece of white porcelyn.  Time: 11:19.

Wow, coffee will get ya.

11:36 – That was a long one. Still no internet.  Getting really T-O’ed over here.

12:01 – Nada. Ughhh WTF!  Get me outta here, this is pointless.  Long lunch for sure.

12:35 – Still no ‘Net.  OKK people.  Why am I still sitting here?  So we changed our payroll procedures, and I know have to report my hours online every two weeks.  Just found out that I have to have that in by the end of the day today and can only do from my work server, which, whatta ya know, DOES NOT WORK.  If I don’t get paid next week, I’m gonna freak.  Not cool.

1:05 – FINALLY. Back up and running.  Time to post.

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