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You Know What Really Grinds my Gears: Howard Eskin

How many of you listen to 610 WIP? Personally, I thoroughly enjoy having a sports talk radio station dedicabkguy2.jpgbkguy2.jpgted solely to Phialdelphia Sports. However, I cannot stand Howard Eskin. He boils my blood, gets under my skin and basically makes me want to throw my radio across the room.

How does this man even have a job talking about sports radio? He knows barely anything about sports, proven by his moronic opinion about basically every topic related to Philadelphia Sports. And yet, hes the one that WIP sends to Arizona to cover the Super Bowl instead of Stevey and Cuz, by far the best two radio personalities on WIP.

I have brought this topic up to numerous acquaintances whenever sports and media are intermingled in a conversation and one mentioned how Howard has a pretty nice following of dedicated listeners who live and die by Howard’s words.

Have you ever listened to these people when they call in? They are senial, retarded, basement dwellers. The King of Bling needs to be stopped from infiltrating our ears with useless sports opinions and facts.

I am a dedicated listener to Stevey and Cuz’s Midday show in my office during the week, but once that 3 o’clock hour rolls around and I hear his entrance theme, I wanna go insane and punch somebody. I find myself listening to him and getting more and more pissed, ultimately using it as motivation to head straight to the gym.

Come on WIP, get a clue you NIT WITS, you’re friggin’ whipped. Does this guy remind you of someone?



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