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Dirk’s Buzzer Beater ends Sixers Streak

Despite missing 13 of his first 14 shots and 16 of 23 overall, the seven-foot forward hit a turnaround 17-foot jumper over Reggie Evans at the buzzer to give the Dallas Mavericks a 95-93 victory against Philadelphia, snapping the 76ers’ season-high seven-game winning streak.   Nowitzki received the inbounds pass with 4.3 seconds left and spun around the 6-foot-8 Evans to deliver the game-winning shot.

Nowitzki finished with 24 points, Jason Kidd had 22 points and 12 rebounds and Jason Terry added 20 for the Mavericks (24-17).Mavericks 76ers Basketball

Lou Williams scored 25 points, while Andre Iguodala had 18 points and 12 rebounds for the 76ers (20-21), who are trying to climb above .500 for the first time since Nov. 23 when they were 7-6.

Andre Miller added 12 points for Philadelphia, whose four-game home winning streak ended.

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Trade Deadline Looming

abndreee.jpgWith the trade deadline only 36 hours away the Sixers could still be poised to make a monumental move.

Yesterday, 610 WIP broke the news that the Denver Nuggets, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Houston Rockets are all seriously interested in trying to acquire the 76ers PG Andre Miller. It’s no surprise that Andre wants to get out of Philly, and who can blame him. The Sixers might be in the hunt for the final playoff spot, but they are nowhere near they need to be to make a run at a title shot anytime soon.

So I took some time and visited the old ESPN Trade Machine to see what we could work out with the three teams mentioned as having interest in Andre Miller.

Nuggets: Obviously we are not going to get A.I. back for Miller, but the Nuggets could be the best for the Sixers in terms of getting some talent back. Using the trade machine, I proposed Andre and Willie Green for Nene Hilario and JR Smith. This worked out for both teams as the salary numbers came very close and it’s something I can see both teams being interested in. Denver gets Miller and can move A.I. to shooting guard. Nene who is overcoming some health issues, could be seen as expendable on a Nuggets team that has seen improved inside play from Marcus Camby (phenomenal season) and Kenyon Martin (seems to back from his knee injury).

As a Sixer fan, I truly dislike Willie Green, not to mention his contract, which has him locked up for four more years. I would love to get rid of him in any trade and I feel JR Smith in return for Green, is a definite upgrade. Given the opportunity to receive more PT and take more shots (which he does not get in Denver) JR Smith could be a serious player. Who knows, maybe get a pick back in this deal as well.

Cavaliers: Chris came up with this trade between the two teams via the trade machine. Andre Miller to the Cavs and in return the Sixers would receive Boobie Gibson (only brightspot), Damon Jones, and Donyell Marshell. Personally, I dont like it at all, and dont know why the Sixers would do this trade. Damon Jones and Donyell Marshall are washed up and Boobie for Andre isnt exactly equal in my book.

The trade that I came up with and would go for in a heartbeat would be as follows; Andre for Drew Gooden, Boobie Gibson, and Ira Newble. Ira Newble makes or breaks this deal for me. HAA, kidding, he sucks, BIGTIME, but needed him in there to match up salaries. Obviously the Cavs need a PG so the 76ers need to take control and be in the drivers seat in this deal, or any for that matter involving Andre. I will not be happy if we give him away for nothing and get shafted like we usually do in every transaction we made (at least under Billy King, Stefanski – your on a short leash). Newble however, does have an expiring contract, and Drew Gooden is a very solid bigman. Well, a definite upgrade from Reggie Evans in my mind at the 4 spot. This is a trade I would condone as a fan and would actually be happy with.  Boobie “has tremendous upside” (always wanted to say that) and could be a great 2 guard in a few years.  Sam-U-EL, Drew Gooden, Iggy, Carney/Gibson, and Lou Will ain’t a bad starting five.

Rockets: Judging by my troubles getting a decent deal done on the trade machine, Houston looks to be the worst team to try and make a deal with for the Sixers. I don’t really like that many players on this team, especially in exchange for Andre. The best deal I could come up with was Andre and Willie for Luis Scola (PF), Shane Battier (SF), and Skip to My Lou, Rafer Alston (PG). I’d be very surprised if Houston would bite on this deal though. The only way I would consider doing a deal with the Rockets would be if we could dump a few contracts (Willie Green included) and we would have to receive picks in return.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Andre a lot and with the departure of Jason Kidd to the West, he could be the second best (active) PG in the East behind Chauncey Billups (Gilbert Arenas is better, but injured). Andre has been a team player and has played his heart out for this team but it is a fact he wants out, and it’s most likely in the best interest of the team.  

So the questions remain: 

What should the Sixers do with Andre Miller?

What do you think the Sixers will actually do?


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$4 Million to Make (wink, wink) a Return

With the Jason Kidd to Dallas Mavericks trade made official this morning, there is one laughable detail in the trade, and oh how sweet it would be to be one former Philadelphia 76er Keith Van Horn.kbvh.jpg

Van Horn was “talked” out of “retirement” to sign a pro-rated $4.3 million dollar contract to make the deal go through after Devean George utilized his early bird rights and block himself from being traded.

Van Horn of course has to make an “honest” effort to make a comeback, in order to collect his $4 million over the next 2 months.

Van Horn, who has not played in the league since the 2006 Dallas Mavericks finals loss, is GUARANTEED a pro-rated $4.3 million this year to go to the Nets to find out if he still has the skills, stamina, and desire to return.  Of course, to them, Van Horn is an expiring contract and will be gone at the end of the season. But, just like Aaron McKie in the Pau Gasol to the Lakers trade, Keith Van Horn has to report, pass a physical and soon enough be released because his contract expires at the end of this season. 

Just chew on that tomorrow morning while eating your breakfast cereal and getting ready to go to your 40 hour a week office job you where you hate your co-workers and earn $35,000 to do so. Ain’t that some $hit.

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Another Sixer-less All-Star Game

Another All-Star weekend, another no-show by the Sixers. Once again their will be no All-Stars joining the East squad or even participating in All-Star weekend from the Philadelphia 76ers. Surprised? We no longer have a three point threat to compete due to “Double K’s” Kyle Korver’s departure to the land of Mormons. And after Iggy got robbed two years back in the dunk contest, I don’t blame him for not wanting to participate. Honestly, how many chances are you gonna give the little guy (Nate Robinson)?

The only two 76ers who would come close to warrant bids to the big game are the two Andre’s: Iguodala and Miller. For the season Iggy is averaging 19.4 ppg, 5.6 rpg, and 4.7 apg. He obviously was not beating out LeBron, but come on, Joe Johnson (similar numbers, teams both tied for 7th spot), and Richard Hamilton made the squad (18.7 ppg, 4.4 apg, and 3.3 rpg – explain that one). Miller, who had a better chance due to the weak point guard play in the East, is averaging 16.6 ppg and 6.6 apg at the midway point.

No love for Rodney Carney or Thaddeus young in the Sophomore/Rookie showdown?

Word on the street is Andre Miller could be a replacement for Jason Kidd due to the trade rumors between the Nets and the Mavs. Finally, some pub for the (215).

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