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Pacman Reinstated

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Wednesday that suspended cornerback Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones has cogirlsbeen reinstated by league commissioner Roger Goodell, but he must miss two more games; this Sunday against the 49ers and the following game on Thanksgiving against the Seahwaks.

His return date to the field will be December 7th at Pittsburgh.

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Pacman Enters Treatment

Cowboys corner Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones has entered an alcohol treatment center ‘in another part of the country’ according to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.


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Roy Williams Out For Season

Cowboys safety Roy Williams broke his right forearm for the second time Sunday in his first game back from the previous injury, and owner Jerry Jones said he’d miss the rest of the year.

Williams, was hurt midway through the third quarter of a 34-14 loss to the St. Louis Rams. It was not clear how he was hurt.

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FACK: It’s Official, Roy’s a ‘Boy

According to some news outlets the deal has already been agreed upon while others have not confirmed yet.  AOL apparently knows enough to say it is official.  Former All-Pro wideout Roy Williams is officially a Jerry Jones employee.

Fast Fact: The Cowboys now have two Roy Williams’ on their team, one on either side of the ball and I now hate them both.

The Terms: The Cowboys will give up a first-round pick in 2009, plus a third- and sixth-rounder that year for Williams and a seventh-round pick in ’09.

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Roy Williams and Roy Williams Teammates?

More news from Cowboy country.  The Dallas Cowboys are busy today and apparently discussing with the Detroit Lions a trade for wide receiver Roy Williams.

The biggest douchebag owner in all of sports, Jerry Jones, believes Williams can provide an immediate boost to a faltering offense without quarterback Tony Romo and views him as a potential long-term solution as the eventual replacement for aging Terrell Owens.

The source said the Cowboys are willing to make the deal, but the Lions seem hesitant because they are operating without a GM since the long awaited firing of Matt Millen.  The Lions have been demanding a 1st rd draft choice just to consider a deal, and it is not known if Jones is willing to make the trade at that compensation level. The Cowboys could offer a 2nd and 3rd round pick, since they have multiple choices in the 3rd round.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said one GM stated that there was a strong possibility the Lions would trade Williams to the Cowboys or Eagles on Tuesday, however Philadelphia is believed to be more interested in Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez as previously mentioned here.

The Eagles once again have Lito and two 1st  round picks to dangle out there.  MAKE A MOVE BIRDS.


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PacMan in Trouble Again…?

That’s right, theres a question mark after the title.  Apparently Pacman was in an altercation in a motel with his bodyguard that caused minor damage to the room (and maybe Pacmans face).  Now I have a source who says Pacman had his ass handed to him and could have some serious damage to his grill piece. This source is credible (maybe).

However, according to ESPN.com, that fight was very minimal and is being blown way out of proportion.  This is actually according to Cowboys press people and Tank Johnson, from whom ESPN obtained their story.  Now do I believe Jerry Jones’ people and Tank.  You god damn right I don’t.

Tank Johnson scolded one reporter and said he didn’t think Goodell, a man he’s quite familiar with, would take action.

I think it’s something we can handle in-house.  Sometimes you don’t have to go to the principal’s office. You can just handle it in the classroom.


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