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Swing and a Miss

Boston CF Coco Crisp was hit on the right hip by Tampa Bay right-hander James Shields, prompting a bench-clearing brawl in the second inning of the Red Sox’s 7-1 win Thursday night.

Crisp pulled a fakey by walking gingerly for a second then charged the mound, ducked a wild right by Shields before throwing a few punches that barely made contact with Shields before being tackled to the ground by catcher Dioner Navarro.

The Rays DH Jonny Gomes charged the mound from the dugout, jumped on Navarro and Crisp, and threw a few punches that hit Crisp while he was on the ground.

Crisp, Shields and Gomes were all ejected.  Expect major league baseball to be handing out suspensions today.


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