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Larry Brown and the Bobcats Beat the Sixers

Charlotte Bobcat guards DJ Augustin and Raymond Felton combined for 48 points, 16 assists and 12 rebounds in their third game starting together, and the Bobcats beat the Sixers 93-84 Monday to snap a four-game losing streak.


Elton Brand had 18 points, but made only 6 of 13 shots and fouled out with less then a minute to go.  Thaddeus Young was held to six points on 2-of-10 shooting.  Andre Iguodala added 17 points for the Sixers, who shot 40 percent and had their two-game winning streak snapped.

76ers Bobcats Basketball

Next up for the Sixers are the Orlando Magic on Wednesday night from the Center.

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Iverson Reaction…

Iverson came back last night.  A 15-month wait definitely added to the anticipation, and I would say it lived up to every expectation.  I love how the national issue, on PTI, Sports Center, and if I could stand watching Around the Horn, I’m sure stat boy brought it up.

How would the fans react?

This had to be one of the dumbest, media drawn-up questions ever.  There was no doubt in my or any Philly fan’s mind that the man would get a standing O.  A better question is;

Would the crowd get so emotional, that they all leave the arena to gain composure, then when that didn’t work, would they all go to Billy King’s house and poop on his lawn?

I wonder what Skip Bayless would have prognosticated.

I’m pressed to remember any athlete’s return to his old team being so emotional.  Thank God the announcer began introducing the rest of the Nuggets because A.I. was about to lose it, and frankly, so was I.

I was proud of the crowd for mustering up a powerful booing for the Nuggets after such an ovation.  When A.I. started blowing kisses, I was okay, when he pounded his chest, I was okay, but when he pulled out the old Hulk Hogan ear to the crowd… I had to think happy thoughts.  The Hogan ear was his go to move whenever he realized how sick the show he was putting on was.

What a great game too.  That was the most intensity I’ve seen in a Sixers game since Iverson left.  Not only does A.I. make everyone on his team better, he makes everyone on his old team better.  No basketball player in the league relates to his fans like Iverson.  That’s something 100 years from now, the numbers won’t show, and only the lucky fans that got to see him play will understand.

Iverson understands.  He understands exactly what happened in Philly, and he even takes responsibility for it.   “I had a big hand in me getting traded,” Iverson said. “I always wanted to finish my career here in Philadelphia. The opportunity was there for me to do it. In a lot of ways, I made sure that didn’t happen.”

I wish Larry Brown came into the press conference at this point and pulled a Robin Williams/Good Will Hunting on him.

“Hey Allen, you see this shit, all this.  It’s Not your fault.”
“Yeah, I know.”
“It’s Not your fault.”
“I know.”
“No, no you don’t.  It’s not your fault.  It’s not your fault”
“Don’t fuck with me Larry!”
“It’s not your fault.”
“Don’t fuck with me Larry!  Don’t fuck with me, not you!”

Then they just hug and cry.

Okay, maybe I wish I had done that and not Larry.

Anyone that doesn’t recognize how incredible an athlete, how rare it is for an athlete to have the understanding Iverson has about the way he’s perceived and the maturity to handle it the way he does, is well, I’ll just say it… a racist.  And probably a Nazi.

I think that’s accurate.  Anyone who doesn’t love and appreciate someone like Iverson is very clearly, a Nazi.

On a side note.  The Sixers look promising, very athletic, very young, and seemingly no attitude problems.  If they can land a veteran 3 point shooter, they might actually contend for the east on a yearly basis.  I wouldn’t put it past them to make waves in the playoffs this year, which is a huge surprise.

Iverson is the greatest Philadelphia sports Icon of the last 20 years… hands down.  Eskin can eat a dick up til he hiccups.


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AI’s Return – Top 10 Countdown: #5

No. 5 – “PLAYOFFS??”

The number 5 moment in our countdown to honor the return of Allen Iverson back to the (215) Wednesday night comes from the 1999 lockout shortened season. It was the beginning of something special forming under the Allen Iverson-Larry Brown era, as Iverson led the league in scoring and the Sixers to the playoffs for the first time post-Barkley.

The Sixers won game 1 then lost a tough one in game 2 when the offense just didn’t show up as the Sixers scored 68 points while shooting 38% from the field. That set the stage for game 3, the first Sixer home playoff game since the 1991 East semi-finals and the Answer as always, delivered. He came out and dropped 33 points and had a playoff record 10 steals in the victory, setting the stage for game 4 and a possibly clinch the series.  Game 4 proved to be just that as the Sixers came out and wrapped up the series in 4 games and advanced behind Iverson’s 37 point and 9 assists.

Number 5 moment; May 15, 1999. The first of many Sixers post-season series clinchers in the Iverson era. Game 4, 1999 Eastern Conference 1st Round.

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AI’s Return – Top 10 Countdown: #8

No. 8 – “Where my Coach At?”

The number 8 moment in our countdown of the ten best Allen Iverson moments in Philadelphia comes from the magical 2000-2001 season. The 2001 All-Star game in Iverson’s home city, Washington DC, Iverson came out and stole the show. With his oft embattled coach Larry Brown, the Eastern Conference coach, Iverson helped lead a 21 point fourth quarter comeback for the East squad. Iverson finished with 25 points, 5 assists, 5 steals and took home the game’s Most Valuble Player award.

During the MVP award ceremony, the true magic of that ’01 seasons run to the finals was on display, Iverson tried to show his bitter feud was over, as he tried to pass all the credit to his coach. The famous moment “Where my coach? Where my coach at? Coach Brown? This is a tribute to my coach…”

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How Many Mo’?

According to Philadelphia-area media reports, the 76ers and coach Maurice Cheeks are near a contract extension.

Reports in the Inquirer and Daily e468ee47-539e-4fda-831d-23b697179dfa.jpgNews stated that an agreement to keep Cheeks as coach is imminent, but not yet finished. Cheeks, 51, is in the final year of a three-year contract.

To be honest, I liked Mo as a player, but not as a coach. I feel that he does not get all that he can out of any given player. He looks bored on the sideline and never shows much of what I would call TRUE emotion. It’s like he knows his boss is watching and makes himself look busy by standing up here and there. I honestly think that Jim Lynam is calling most of the plays. He’s the only coach that I see getting into player’s faces and using the whiteboard.

In my mind he definitely underachieved in Portland, only posting a record of 162-139, with a very good team. Two playoff appearances and a career playoff record of 3- 7. Portland steadily declined in each year that Cheeks was tenured there. He’s horrible when it comes to handling the media, and I can see that translating to him handling his team. He needs to go if the Sixers think they will ever climb the hump that is mediocrity. Its time to pump some life into this team, and a few Mo’ years of Bo-ring Mo-rice Cheeks, is definitely not the way to do it.


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