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Sixers Lose to the Lowly T’Wolves

The Timberwolves came into Wednesday nights game as the worst team in teh NBA having lost eight in a row. Go figure they would happen to snap that streak against YOUR Philadelphia 76ers last night.  Just our luck right.


Al Jefferson scored six of his 25 points in the final three minutes to lift Minny to a 102-96 victory over the Sixers on Wednesday.  Craig Smith scored a season-high 21 and matched a career high with five assists.  Mike Miller had 10 points, 10 rebounds and six assists for the Wolves, who won for the first time since the season opener against the Sacramento Kings.

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Elton Brand was the lone bright spot for the Sixers, as he finished with 19 points and 13 rebounds. The Sixers committed 16 turnovers and missed eight free throws while losing for the first time in four games.

Next up for the Sixers are the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday night from the Wach.

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Confirmed: Carney to T’Wolves

It has been confirmed that the Philadelphia 76ers have traded Rodney Carney, Calvin Booth and a future number one pick for a $2.8 million trade exception.

This move clears up $2.8 million in cap space for Philadelphia. The deal can’t be finalized until Wednesday according to NBA league rules.

The fact that Ed Stefanski had the cahones to include a future first round pick for almost $3 million worth of cap space tells me that he is going for all the glory NOW. I am thoroughly excited to see what happens in the days to come. Word around the blogosphere yesterday was that we would have a final word on Brand’s whereabouts within 24-48 hours. We are almost 24 hours closer to knowing his fate.


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Sixers “Actively Involved” in the Brand Hunt

According to ESPN.com’s Mark Stein:

NBA front-office sources told ESPN.com on Monday night that the Philadelphia 76ers are again “actively involved” in the Brand hunt — and now a very serious threat to tempt him away from L.A. — after initially fearing that they couldn’t compete financially with the Clippers and Golden State Warriors.

…sources say that the Sixers are growing increasingly confident in their ability to create additional salary-cap space by trading away swingman Rodney Carney and center Calvin Booth, setting them up to make a sufficiently rich offer Brand would struggle to refuse.

Dealing away Carney and Booth — with Minnesota and Memphis quickly emerging as possible destinations — would shed nearly $3 million from the Sixers’ payroll next season as long as the trade doesn’t require new GM Ed Stefanski to take any salary back.

…and if the Sixers can finalize a trade to part with Carney and Booth — it’s conceivable that Philadelphia could possess the financial flexibility to start a five-year offer to Brand at a first-year salary in the $15 million range.

Ed Stefanski is on the move and I like where his head is at.  He looks to finally make a push for the biggest piece of the puzzle, something that could potentially propel us to ‘Contender’ status in the East, something we have coveted for a long time to no avail, a power forward.

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