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Elton Brand to Return to the Sixers on Saturday

Elton Brand’s long-awaited return to the Philadelphia 76ers will be on hold until at least Saturday.


Brand dislocated his right shoulder December 17th and worked out on the court before Monday’s game against Dallas. He was placed on the inactive list for the 16th consecutive game. Coach Tony DiLeo said Brand most likely will play Saturday against the New York Knicks.

The 76ers are 9-6 without Brand and have won a season-best seven straight games entering Monday. They were 11-14 when the 6-foot-8 forward was sidelined.

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Stephon Marbury to Possibly Join Celtics

Nearly one year since Stephon Marbury last played in a regular-season game, and all signs are pointing towards the former Knick outcast will eventually make his comeback with the Boston Celtics.celticslogo

Sources told ESPN.com this week that Boston is Marbury’s preferred destination if he becomes a free agent and that the Celtics are indeed hopeful of signing him.

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Rivers calls Garnett Suspension ‘Ridiculous’

Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers wasn’t too happy about being forced to play without All-Star Kevin Garnett against the New York Knicks.celtics

Garnett was suspended for one game for hitting Milwaukee’s Andrew Bogut in the face near the end of Saturday’s game.  Rivers said Garnett was hit in the face twice from the side and he flailed out an arm as a reflex.

The suspension didnt matter much as the Celtics went on to beat the Knicks anyway on Tuesday night.

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Celtics Win, Move to 10-2

Starting in place of Garnett, Brian Scalabrine came up big, hitting a 3 pointer with 1:14 left to help Boston go onto victory. Paul Pierce scored 22 with eight rebounds, Kendrick Perkins had 16 points and eight rebounds and Rondo had 15 points, eight boards and seven assists.


Wilson Chandler scored 23, and Zach Randolph had 18 points and eight rebounds for New York. The Knicks tried to move closer in the Atlantic Division race but instead lost to Boston for the seventh straight time.

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Sir Charles Low Blows Isiah

Former New York Knicks basketball coach Isiah Thomas was rushed to the hospital by ambulance Friday morning after overdosing on prescription sleeping pills. Thomas was rushed from his home in Purchase, New York to a nearby hospital after taking roughly 10 Lunesta pills.

During a TNT conference call held Monday in which Charles Barkley popped off on a topic most avoid, and made a humorous yet tasteless joke about the Knicks former head coach.

While discussing ways in which the Knicks should be improved this season, Barkley said,

I think they have a better coach. This coach probably won’t try to kill himself.

BADA BINGGG.  OOOhhhh low blow I tell ya, but I was sure laughing when I read it.  Go Get ’em Chuck.

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Net’s Boone Out with Heart Issues

New Jersey Nets center Josh Boone was held out of an exhibition game against New York on Monday night after experiencing a rapid heartbeat at practice last week.

Boone missed the Nets’ game at Boston on Sunday and had tests Monday, which were inconclusive. He is scheduled for further testing Wednesday.

THe UCONN grad hopes he can return Wednesday night against YOUR Philadelphia 76ers if he is cleared to play.

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Allow Me to RE-Introduce Myself….

Doesnt really pertain to the (215), but Lebron is GLOBAL. 

Cleveland Cavalier superstar Lebron James is a free agent at the end of the 09-10 season. Same said 09-10 off-season the New Jersey Nets will be making their move from East Rutherford to Brooklyn. 

The Nets happen to be just one of rap mogul, Jay Z’s, semi-recent investments. Jay Z and Lebron happen to be very close friends and even recently celebrated Lebron’s 23rd birthday and Jay Z’s club opening, together pg2_w_lebron_jayz_275.jpgin Vegas. 

Everyone knows when you hear Lebron speak about being the one the best in the league, he always mentions how his aim is bigger, not to be just an NBA superstar, but a global icon.  Achieving this goal, although close already, is not easy to do playing in Cleveland, Ohio. What better stage for his stardom to explode then with his friend, the Jiggaman himself, in the biggest city in the world, New York, New York.

So, some food for thought; you heard it hear first people, during the 2009-2010 off-season Lebron James will become a Brooklyn Net. 

If …. WHEN Lebron ends up in Brooklyn, look for him and the Nets to take over and dominate a city that has been ruled by the Knicks for 50 some odd years. And the bricks for a powerful team are already being put into place. Forward Richard Jefferson should still be around, point guard Devin Harris should be in his prime, an already impressive big-man rookie Sean Williams, and a young talented back-up point guard in Marcus Williams.  And lets not forget those two first round draft picks just obtained in the Jason Kidd trade, to go along with their own.  Look for the Lebron James led Brooklyn Nets to be a young, exciting, up and coming force in the East in the 2009-2010 NBA season.


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Sixers Humiliate Knicks



40! Enough said.

No, seriously though, did anyone actually keep Comcast on and watch this game?  I watched the first and second quarters and some parts of the second half.  The first quarter was absolutely ridiculous, the Sixers scored a season high 37 points in the first, and Iggy didn’t even have a bucket.  It was up and down, run and gun, exciting basketball, that was actually fun to watch.  Iggy steal here, Dalembert block there, Willie Green “in rhythm for two”.  Calvin Booth even had a monster jam off an Iggy steal and assist.   They finished the half on a tear ending with a season high 72 points, doubling up their counterpart who went into the locker room down 36.

Oh and Thaddeus Young, Rookie of the Year candidate as of last night.  He is playing incredible basketball, and had a sick dunk last night, in the second quarter I believe, off of a Lou Will steal that he muscled away from Fred Jones (? – I think).  Thad finished the game with 20 points on 8-11 shooting from the field and added 8 boards.

First things first, I must apologize to Mo Cheeks about my prior post.  He did a great job last night; keeping the tempo up, managing to get 9 players at least 20 minutes each, and really confusing Isiah Thomas with his defensive game-plan. Congrats on the big win, on the eve of your new contract.   

Tough few games coming up on the schedule.  The 76ers get to face Orlando two of the next three games with a “should” win game at Miami in between.  After that they hit the road for three tough games; at Golden State, at Phoenix, and at the Clippers (easy). 

Keep it up boys.  I wouldn’t mind attending a playoff game from the box. 

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Sixers “Should” Continue Winning Ways Against Weak Opponents

The 23-30 Sixers are well aware that the first two games of the season’s second half feature two of the league’s sixershead.gifworst teams — tonight at 10-41 Minnesota and Wednesday night at home vs. 15-37 New York.  These are two very winnable games for the Sixers who could possibly extend their five game winning streak from before the All-Star break to seven games. 

Currently in a three-way tie for the 7th spot in the Eastern Conference, the Sixers need to keep up the pace to stay in the playoff picture. 

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