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Phils Win Despite Quiet Bats

Cole Hamels once again received very little run support but managed to get the victory.  Cole pitched eight sharp innings to snap a seven-start winless drought in front of his parents (who happened to attend the game in San Diego).

Hamels ( 10 -8 ) limited the Padres to one run on seven hits as he won for the first time since a 4-1 victory at Atlanta on July 3 and helped the Phillies stay two games back of the Mets in the NL East.

The Phillies who had one less hit then the Padres, still managed to win. Pat the Bat hit his 29th homer of the season, a solo shot with one out in the sixth that proved to be the difference. Burrell also homered on Friday night in the Phillies’ 1-0 win over San Diego.

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The NL East Plot Thickens

Once again the New York Mets built a three-run lead going into the ninth inning against the Phils.  This time, they had Billy Wagner ready to close it out.

Jose Reyes’ three-run homer snapped a sixth-inning tie and the Mets took the win as they rebounded from a demoralizing defeat by beating the Phillies 6-3 on Wednesday.

John Maine pitched seven effective innings and New York took advantage of a wild Brett Myers in his return from the minors to again tie the Phillies for first place in the NL East.

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‘So’ Sweet

Their it was, all laid out right in front of them, waiting to be grabbed.  A win against their fierce rival, and first place to boot, if only they had someone to notch the final three outs.

There’s nothing better then beating the Mets in New York to take the lead in the NL East.  Oh wait there is.  It’s when you do it by scoring 6 runs in the top of the 9th after being down 5-2 for the latter part of the game.  And in New York.  In front of their fans.  At the hands of Jimmy Rollins to take the lead (after So Taguchi of course).

Let me set the stage in case you missed one of the best endings to a Phillies game I have ever seen in my life.  Its the top of 9th, 5-2 Mets, and apparently Billy Wagner is unavailable for the game, so the Mets bring in Joe Smith to try and close out the victory for the Mets to take sole position of the NL East.  Then: Werth single, Dobbs single, Victorino single.

Mets SUCK!

Next a high bouncing grounder by Carlos Ruiz up the middle that Jose Reyes misplays and misses the base as he trys to field the ball and go to second on his own.  Shane Vic chugged his ass to second and just beat him out, which was later ruled an error on Reyes due to his indecisiveness.  Pinch-hitter So Taguchi doubles down the line to right field knocking in Jayson Werth and Greg Dobbs to tie the game at 5.  Next up the reigning NL MVP James Rollins.  Rollins doubled down the line right past David Wright to knock in Carlos Ruiz and So Taguchi to take the lead, much to the shagrin of a STUNNED METS CROWD. One that was actually quite thin due the hundreds of fans who had already left thinking the game was in the bag.  5 runs, 0 outs. 7-5 Phillies. Amazing.

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Phillies Show Interest in Blanton

According to the Inquirer’s Jim Salisbury the Phils seem to have interest in Oakland A’s starting pitcher Joe Blanton.  This year Blanton is sporting a 5-12 record with a 4.96 ERA this season. Sounds like another crappy pitcher that’s already in our rotation.

This move does not seem to help us in any way shape or form.  Your smarter then that Mr. Gillick.  There are a lot better options out there than Blanton. He’s struggled in Oakland this year, one of the best pitchers parks in the league, please explain how’s that going to translate to Citizens Bank Park?

In other Phillie News: Brett Myers’ next minor-league start will be Friday night in Florida for single-A Clearwater at Brevard County. The plan is to have Myers join the Phillies the next day in nearby Miami and return to the starting rotation July 23 against the New York Mets at Shea Stadium.

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Mets by a Hair

I thought the Phils game was over for sure.  Switched to Lockup: Raw on the Discovery Channel (crazy stuff by the way) once we were down 10 – 1 in the 6th.  Anywayyy, the Phillies made a miraculous comeback last night only to fall a hair short to the New York Mets. 

Adam Eaton was back to his lowly ways allowing 6 earned runs on 8 hits in a whooping 2.2 innings pitched.  A Fantasy STUD if you will.  Mmm, can you smell the sarcasm?

And to think we still had a chance to win thanks to the homeruns by Chase Utley, Pat Burrell, Ryan Howard and Geoff Jenkins.

God I love this team.

Cole Hamels takes the hill tonight at CBP versus the St Louis Cardinals and Joel Pineiro

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Bye Bye Willie

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