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NFL Draft Preview: Chris Johnson

The gold grille pieceChris Johnson, RB, East Carolina

5’11   197 lbs   4.24 – 40 yards

Pros:  Extremely fast and elusive.  Very explosive.  A complete terror to tackle in the open field.  Fantastic receiver with outstanding hands.  Runs very good routes and has great vision as a RB and a WR.  A very versitale weapon RB, WR, KR and dangerous at each position.  He is a standout weight lifter so if very solid and strong for his size.  He averaged 227.69 all purpose yards which lead the NCAA.  He was 24th with 109.5 yards rushing per game and is only the 24th person in NCAA history to gain over 6,000 all-purpose yards.  After suffering a toe injury which limited his production in 2006 came back in 2007 and put up 1,423 yards rushing with a 6.0 yard/attempt, and 17 TD’s, 528 yards receiving on 37 catches with 6 TD’s, along with his kick return production.  He was #4 in vertical jump and #3 broad jump for RB’s at the combine.

Cons:  A little small for a RB, does not pick up blocks well, tried to bounce too much outside.  Durablity is a concern.  Does not have a true position and is a bit of a WR/RB ‘tweener’.  He is not a very physical runner.

How he fits with the Eagles:  Just imagine having a Reno Mahe, who was athletic, explosive, and everytime cj.jpghe touched the ball in space you got that feeling semi hard feeling in your pants you get when #36 gets the ball in space.  We need playmakers and that is what Johnson is.  He fits perfectly into Reid’s philosophy, being a great WR/RB and can contribute as a KR as a rookie too.  He is also from a smaller school, which means the Eagles can reach for him in 2nd round and not lose a beat.  He is projected anywhere in the 2nd round from early to late.  Oh yeah, he has a nice gold grill piece which goes along with our 2008 philosphy.  Reid knew we needed some bling to compete.  Also, every year I fall in love with one prospect.  Last year it was Patrick Willis and in 2006 it was Brandon Marshall, Antonio Cromartie, and DeAngelo Williams.  This year it is Johnson.  He has superstar written all over him.


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