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Pacman Could Miss Rest of Season

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones is out this week and might miss the rest of the season after injuring his neck against Pittsburgh.cogirls

Coach Wade Phillips said Wednesday that Jones will miss Sunday’s game against the Giants with a herniated disc in his neck. Phillips said there might be damage to a second disc and that Jones could be sidelined for the season. He said team doctors don’t consider the injury career-threatening.

Jones was hurt when he fell on top of his muffed punt but still got caught in a scramble for the loose ball. After several players fell on him, Jones was pulled from the pile awkwardly by a Pittsburgh player.

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Pacman Ready to Play this Weekend

Adam “Pacman” Jones will be eligible to play Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers after his six-game suspension, and Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said he’ll also use his DB to return punts as well.cogirls

Jones has already returned to practice, but the Cowboys still have a roster exemption and do not yet have to put him on their 53-man roster.

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Pacman – Three Strikes and Your Out

Adam “Pacman” Jones may finally be down to his last chance.D046121010.jpg

ESPN‘s Chris Mortensen reported on Sunday that the Cowboys defensive back must strictly adhere to the terms of his reinstatement and any mess ups will lead to a lifetime ban from the NFL.

Jones is slated to return to practice Monday and be eligible to play Dec. 7 at Pittsburgh.

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Pacman Reinstated

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Wednesday that suspended cornerback Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones has cogirlsbeen reinstated by league commissioner Roger Goodell, but he must miss two more games; this Sunday against the 49ers and the following game on Thanksgiving against the Seahwaks.

His return date to the field will be December 7th at Pittsburgh.

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Pacman Enters Treatment

Cowboys corner Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones has entered an alcohol treatment center ‘in another part of the country’ according to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.


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Cowboys Falling Apart

The Dallas Cowboys who were atop the League a few short weeks ago seem to finally be on the short end of the stick.  Dallas could be down 6 starters for the this upcoming week. 

Last week they lost starting corner Terrance Newman, who will miss at least a month of action after undergoing surgery Friday for a sports hernia.  Felix Jones is out 2-4 weeks with a partially torn left hamstring.  Starting Q and pretty boy Tony Romo will be out four weeks with a broken finger.  Punter Mat McBriar had to be carted off the field following the blocked punt that ended Sunday’s game with a sprained right foot. Sam Hurd is out with something, but who cares he barely touches the ball.

And Pacman, OHH Pacman… Commish Roger Goodell will make a ruling later today as to whether or not Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones violated their agreement upon his reinstatement just 41 days ago.  If the incident involved alcohol (which we here at 215 think it in fact DID), it will have indeed have broken the agreement and Pacman could be suspended for who knows how long.  Stay Posted.

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PacMan in Trouble Again…?

That’s right, theres a question mark after the title.  Apparently Pacman was in an altercation in a motel with his bodyguard that caused minor damage to the room (and maybe Pacmans face).  Now I have a source who says Pacman had his ass handed to him and could have some serious damage to his grill piece. This source is credible (maybe).

However, according to ESPN.com, that fight was very minimal and is being blown way out of proportion.  This is actually according to Cowboys press people and Tank Johnson, from whom ESPN obtained their story.  Now do I believe Jerry Jones’ people and Tank.  You god damn right I don’t.

Tank Johnson scolded one reporter and said he didn’t think Goodell, a man he’s quite familiar with, would take action.

I think it’s something we can handle in-house.  Sometimes you don’t have to go to the principal’s office. You can just handle it in the classroom.


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Monday Night was not Jackson’s First Folley

Before showboating cost him his first NFL touchdown, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson’s antics cost him a touchdown in a high school all-star game.

Monday night, Jackson looked to be on the receiving end of a 61-yard touchdown pass from Donovan McNabb against Dallas. Instead, the pass play officially went for 60 yards when Jackson dropped the ball a yard short of the end zone while showing off after blowing past Dallas defensive backs Pacman Jones and Roy Williams for the apparent touchdown.

Philadelphia scored on the next play for a 27-21 lead, saving Jackson more embarrassment.

Those who have followed Jackson’s career since he starred at Long Beach Poly had flashbacks Monday night, remembering that Jackson did the same type of thing in the 2005 U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio.

In that one, Jackson hauled in a long pass and looked to be in position to score a 53-yard touchdown. Instead, he decided to do a flip from about the 5. One problem: The ball hit the ground at the 1 and Jackson lost control after the ball hit the turf. He also was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Jackson still was named MVP of the all-star game, finishing with a TD pass on a trick play and seven receptions for 141 yards.

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