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Amaro is Phils New GM

Ruben Amaro Jr. officially became general manager of the World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies on Monday.  Amaro, who signed a three-year contract, just completed his 10th season as assistant Phillies GM and replaces the retiring Pat Gillick.

Amaro worked under former GM Ed Wade for seven seasons and the last three with Gillick. He was considered the front-runner for the job after Gillick said this would be his last season.

Amaro got the nod over Mike Arbuckle, another assistant GM who spent the last 15 years with the Phillies. Arbuckle, who led the team’s scouting efforts, will not be returning next year, team president Dave Montgomery said.

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Parade Tomorrow

I am taking a sick day, courtesy of the boss letting me of course and attending my first ever Philadelphia Championship Parade.  CANNOT WAIT.  My Ticket I was able to attain off of Phillies.com today:

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10,000+ losses, 28 years, and a Joe Carter later, we did it, we won the World Series.

Pics and video to come of the street level view of the celebration.  Stay tuned.


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Sixers Season Preview

Yourrrrr Philadelphia 76ers open up a new campaign tonight against the Toronto Raptors (game time has been moved to 6pm due to the potential Phillies Game 5 with high hopes and great expectations coming off last season’s playoff run and off-season moves.

A Brand New Era starts tonight as free agent signee Elton Brand makes his debut.  Brand brings great optimism to the run and gun Sixers off their playoff run last year.  “Anything less then the 2nd round this season is a disappointment” Brand recently said.  Look for Band’s low post ability, more importantly combined with his defensive rebounding to spark the up tempo Sixers into even quicker outlets and fast breaks.  Throughout the season the Sixers will look to wear out teams with running style offense and intense defense.

The Sixers are one of the handful of up and coming teams in the not so JV Eastern Conference anymore.  They are in an Atlantic Division with the defending world champion Boston Celtics, and Toronto Raptor team that also was in last years playoffs, and added all-star center Jermaine O’Neal to form a nice front court tandem with power forward Chris Bosh.

This team has a nice mix of veteran leaders at the right positions, point guard Andre Miller is a floor general, with emerging young starts at other positions.  I feel the Sixers can live up to the pre-season expectations they’ve set for themselves.  While I do not see them beating out the defending champs for the division title, I think the Sixers will be in the 4,5 seed battle all season, advance to the conference semifinals losing to the repeat champion Celtics in a 7 game epic.

Final Record: 48-34, 2nd Atlantic Division, 5 seed in East


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World Series Game 5 Recap…So Far

First Joe Carter, then Ronde Barber, now mother nature.  Now its not only players and teams that are keeping Philly teams from winning championships but now nature wont even allow it.  Game 5 of the World Series was postponed last night do to pouring rains, the first time in history that a World Series game is suspended.

In the top of the 6th inning, the Rays got a RBI from Carlos Pena after BJ Upton slip ‘n slided into second base on a stolen base, tying the game at 2.  Within minutes the tarp was on the field and MLB brass decided that the game will try and be resumed tonight at 8pm.

After 25 years of playoff heartache after playoff heartache, the Phils are now this close to winning the World Series, up 2-0 in the first inning, this close to breaking the 100 season title drought and Mother Nature rains on the parade ruins the evening and we have to wait, hopefully, only one more day.

Whenever the game picks up, it will be top of the 6th inning Ryan Howard (I hope this is right, think I remember hearing/knowing that) leading off most likely against Ray rookie phenom David Price who could be called to pitch multiple innings in the 2-2 game as the Phillies are now 3 ½ innings away from the title.


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John Romano, A Classless Douche to Say the MOST

John Romano is a journalist for the St. Pete Times.  He decided to write this unsettling piece on Philadelphia sports fans based on his second (perhaps third) hand account of some alleged actions that happened at Saturdays Rays Phils world series game.  His piece was about how Philadelphia fans are the worst. The headline: “Phils fans live down to their reputation.”  You like my own play on words in the title of this post John.

He went on to write:

During Game 3 of the World Series on Saturday night, Rays family members and employees say they were harassed and abused by Phillies fans at Citizens Bank Park to an unacceptable degree.

Children were cursed at, and one 9-year-old boy had beer poured on him. A Rays family member stayed locked in a bathroom stall because, he said, Phillies fans were banging on the walls and threatening him.

First of all, who throws an $8 beer on a kid.  What a waste and I have a very hard time believing that any self respecting Philly fan would pour a delicious brew on some kid in a Rays shirt.  If you take a look at the Philly.com article where Dan Rubin bashes Romano’s article as well, nobody saw this incident at all.  Romano once again making stuff up for a piece, sorry ass journalist if ya ask me.  Some comments from the fans themselves:

  • Posted by darshall
    I was in Section 106. The Rays fans are mistaking booing and supporting your team for this hostility. This was one of the most mild games I’ve seen (probably because no one takes Rays fans seriously). I bounced around and met up with friends and didn’t even see any Rays fans get booed at. They are just looking for excuses on munson-ing a world series.
  • Posted by thepress
    I am a member of the press who is in Philly at this moment. I am fromoutmof town with no alligence to either team. TB Rays friends and families are being seated by the press box and the events described in this article NEVER HAPPENED. Funny as I am unable to post this at the St. Pete Times website. Do the rules of journalism not apply to them?
  • Posted by KarenD
  • Posted by Gmilst1
    I demand a Philly writer/reporter to ask this guy who writes for St. Petes newspaper to ask him for some sources. This guy is making it all up except for what John Maddon said. And they don’t even have packets of mustards at phillies games. just relish! WE DEMAND A SOURCE FROM THIS LIAR!!!
  • Posted by lcammisa12
    DITTO! I pay too much for a beer to just let a 9 yr old enjoy it…And they were knocking on the bathroom stall bc they needed to use the bathroom and were tired of a Tampa fan throwing up over the bad performance they made them watch!
  • Posted by EaglesFanInStPete

    Before you rip us Rays fans, keep in mind the vast majority of us are not like this. John Romano is a hack; he had no business writing an article so scathing, so vile, so accusatory, WITHOUT DOING HIS RESEARCH! He’s basing it off 2nd-hand accounts of what people said happened; he never actually saw it happen himself.

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World Series Game 5 Preview: THE CLINCHER

8:00 PM ET from Citizens Bank Park

215 Sportsguy-

Outcome: Could tonight be the night that madness sets in across this city?  I plan on being right in the middle of the action.  From my current location in Manayunk, there promises to be some quality crowd gathering down on Main if the Phils can clinch tonight.  After the Phils won the pennant Main St Manayunk was NUTS.  Fires in the middle of the street, roads blocked off left and right, and as far as your eyes could see was a SEA OF RED.

Cole Hamels takes the mound tonight looking to make postseason history.  He could become the first starting pitcher to go 5-0 in a postseason with five wins coming by way of start.  Opposing him will be the Rays ace, lefty Scott Kazmir.  Look for your Phightin’s to be sitting on cloud 9 and playing their best baseball of the season on the biggest night in their young careers.

This could be title numero uno for this guy’s (two thumbs pointing back at me) short life.  I was born in ’84 so missed out on the Sixers title in ’83.  Although I’m sure my pops was conceiving me right around that time.  And good LORD PLEASE COME THROUGH HERE.  I’m so sick and tired of friends from Jersey constantly bragging about their numerous titles.  Somehow Jersey = New York in the sports world.  Another oxymoron from those retards. 


Final: TB 2   PHI 6
Player of the Game: Brad Lidge – 1.0 IP, 3 Ks, PERFECT SEASON TO BOOT

T0bias Funke-

Outcome: Could we witness history tonight?  The Phils look to win the 215‘s first title in my life.  Are the stars finally going to align, this 215 fan is crossing his fingers, knocking on wood as he types this, it appears so after last night’s drubbing and King Cole set to take to the hill for tonight’s game 5.

This Phillies team has been a poised bunch all year and look for that to continue tonight as they take their business approach into tonight and don’t get caught in the moment of clinching a world title.

Look for the bats to continue to explode like last night, and King Cole to be on point once again, continuing the shutting down of the Rays power bats.  The Phils jump on the Rays early and the party will begin early in the game in South Philly as the city will erupt into a party that has never been seen before.

Final:  TB 1   PHI 8
Player of the Game: Cole Hamels – 9 IP, 4 H, 0 ER, 11 K’s

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Maddon Questioned Spot on Blanton’s Hat

If ya cant beat em they must be cheating right.  Well thats exactly what skipper Joe Maddon thought of Phils starter Joe Blanton.  Blanton got off to a sizzling start in Game 4 of the World Series on Sunday night. He was so good, in fact, that Rays manager Joe Maddon became suspicious of the Phillies right-hander.

Blanton struck out three batters in the first two innings and four of the first eight men he faced and had some great movement on his pitches.  The movement, combined with a visible discoloration on the top of the bill of Blanton’s cap, gave the Rays reason to try to put two-and-two together. Television close-ups of Blanton revealed some sort of dark spot on the cap. A similar spot was visible on the bill of Blanton’s cap during the National League Championship Series.

Rays manager Joe Maddon told home-plate umpire Tom Hallion at the end of the second inning that he believed Blanton had pine tar on his hat. Hallion replied to Maddon that he would check the ball, and if he found a foreign substance on the ball, he would proceed accordingly.

According to Mike Port, MLBs VP of umpiring, the request was essentially the end of the issue. Hallion kept an eye on the ball and on Blanton, and found nothing suspicious.

“It’s nothing,” Blanton said. “They rub the balls up with whatever they rub them up with, and you rub it up and get it on your hand. I’m constantly trying to get moisture, and just touch my hat. It’s nothing sticky. Anybody can go touch it. It’s basically just dirt from the ball that gets … over time, over so many starts, I don’t change my hat. It just gets rubbed on the hat.”

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One Win Away

Joe Blanton became the first pitcher in 34 years to homer in the World Series, Howard drove in five runs with two homers and Philadelphia romped over the Tampa Bay Rays 10-2 on Sunday night to move within one win of its first title since 1980.

A day after hitting his first homer of the Series, Howard connected twice. The major league leader in home runs and RBIs hit a three-run drive off Andy Sonnanstine that made it 5-1 in the fourth and sent the city into a frenzy. Howard added a long, two-run shot against Dan Wheeler in the eighth to put the game out of reach and the World Series title within the Phils grasp.

Cole Hamels will try to close out the Phillies’ second Series title on Monday night against Scott Kazmir in a rematch of Game 1 starters. Hamels (4-0) looks to make MLB postseason history tonight, trying to become the first pitcher to win five postseason starts in one year.

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World Series Game 3 Preview

8:00 PM ET from Citizens Bank Park

215 Sportsguy-

Outcome: With the World Series coming back to Philly for the first time in almost 15 years the Phils look to feed off the energy of a raucous Citizens Bank Park.  Jamie Moyer takes the hill for the Phils tonight as the Game 3 starter. Moyer has had some rough outings in this postseason but look for him to rebound tonight, and heres why.  He has never pitched three terrible games in a row, hes a savvy vet, was unfortunate in Milwaukee and LA with some fielding blunders as well as a few minor mistakes.

Matt Garza will get the nod for the Rays; Garza was named ALCS MVP and has been pitching very well of late.  One can only hope that the left handed bats of the Phils hit Garza early and often.

I look for our skippers true genius to finally shine through.  With the series now back in the NL park, Charlie will get to work his magic with pinch hitters, relief pitching and double switches.  I used to question his tactics a few years back, but he has proven time and time again to have mastered his moves and matchups.  Look for Charlie Manuel to put this team on his back and coach them to a great victory in this great city of brotherly love.


Final: TB 5   PHI 6
COACH of the Game: Charlie Manuel – 4 pitching changes, 3 pinch hitters, 1 double switch

T0bias Funke-

Outcome: The World Series moves to the 215 as the Phils and Rays Game 3 is tonight in the Illadelph.  Phils fans are a little on edge after watching the Phils struggle to drive in runners in scoring position compounded with ageless Jamie Moyer getting the start tonight after struggling in this post season.

The Phillies bats will need to come alive tonight to help support Moyer early.  The Phils have to hope to get this game to the bullpens early knocking Matt Garza out as early as possible and give Moyer as much room for error as they can.

If the Phils jump out early look for the crowd to carry Moyer and the bats, and for the Phils to take Game 3 tonight and the series lead.

Final: TB 3   PHI 6
Player of the Game: Pat Burrell – 2 for 4, HR, 2 RBIs

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