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Giants’ LB Pierce to Testify

Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce will cooperate with police and testify before a Manhattan grand jury about how giantsteammate Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself at a nightclub last weekend.  Pierce’s testimony could enable him to avoid charges of hiding Burress’ Glock pistol after the shooting.

Burress has been suspended by the Giants for conduct detrimental to the team and faces charges of illegal weapons possession.

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Burress Rejoins G Men

Plaxico Burress arrived at the Meadowlands on Tuesday, facing the possibility that his career with the Giants could be over and he could land in jail after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh at a nightclub.giants

The New York Giants wide receiver drove himself to the stadium one day after he was charged with illegal gun possession. Burress was required to report to practice on Tuesday because he is on the active roster and injured.

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Plax Charged with Two Felonies

New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was charged with two counts of felony possession of a weapon in the second degree Monday and released on a $100,000 bond. giants

Burress, who accidentally shot himself Friday night in the right thigh at a Manhattan nightclub, did not enter a plea, though his attorney said Burress planned to plead not guilty.

A grand jury will hear evidence and make a decision on whether Burress will be indicted. Illegal possession of a firearm carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 3½ years.  Burress could face up to seven years in prison if convicted on a felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

According to ESPN.com:

A more detailed timeline of the evening also emerged. Police said Pierce, Burress and running back Derrick Ward arrived at the club with two other people around 11:30 p.m. Friday.

Burress had been allowed to bypass security, even though they knew he was armed, according to a law enforcement official who spoke with The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. The club is said to be fully cooperating in the investigation.

Around 12:05 a.m., as Burress was being escorted to a VIP area with a drink in one hand, he somehow ended up fumbling his gun and it discharged, hitting his thigh. Pierce was with him when that occurred, police said.

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Plaxico Misses Practice; Jacobs Confident He Will Play

Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress missed practice Thursday because of a hamstring injury.  Coach Tom giantsCoughlin said time would tell whether Burress plays Sunday against the Cardinals in ‘Zona.

Running back Brandon Jacobs (knee) and cornerback Aaron Ross (hamstring) returned to practice on a limited basis.  Jacobs is confident he will play Sunday.

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Eli Suffered Bruised Chest in MNF Loss

Eli Manning bruised his chest in the Giants’ 35-14 loss to the Browns.  Coach Tom Coughlin was not certain about the extent of the injury although he gave indications that the Super Bowl MVP would practice for this weekend’s game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers drove Eli into the ground early in the second quarter after throwing a pass to Plaxico Burress and landed his 350 lb ass right on Eli’s sternum.  Beautiful display of form by the way.

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NFL Draft Preview: James Hardy

James Hardy, WR, Indiana

6’6   220 lbs   4.51 secs – 40 yards


Pros:  Lets start with his size.  This WR is 6’6 220 lbs and runs a 4.51 forty.  He was the 78th ranked Prep High School Basketball player his senior year and played basketball and football his freshman year at Indiana.  He is very athletic with long arms and big hands.  He catches the ball very well and uses his big body to create additional space in tight areas.  He is a terror in the red zone.  He ranked in the top 10 in 4 categories at the combine for WR’s.  Bench press, Broad Jump, 3 cone, and 20 yard shuttle.  This shows that he has explosion and quick feet. 

Cons:  Not a great blocker, but what WR is these days.  Needs to get a little stronger, but has the frame to get that done.  He has a few character concerns, but nothing too serious.  He is still pretty raw and has only really focused on football for two years, but was a Junior All-American so he obviously has the skill.

How he fits with the EAGLES:  He is rising rather quickly up draft boards, but if the Birds are not able to secure a WR via a trade, Hardy fits in very well with their need of a red zone threat.  People are comparing him to Plaxico, but I would compare him more to Marques Colston.  The bad part is that Eagles WRs never play as rookies, but he could perhaps focus on red-zone packages and have a niche his rookie year.  #19 in the first round is too high for him and he may be gone by our second round pick.  Maybe a trade down for an addition 3rd round pick and grab him in the early part of the second round.  Everyone has us locked in to draft a tackle in round 1, but I am not sure they are locked in on that position.  McNabb needs a play-maker and they are trying to get him one, plus they have Winston Justice who is not nearly as bad as he played against the Giants and the Eagles really like Pat McCoy.  They could also move Herremans to LT and put Max-Jean in at guard.  I think they go with play-makers early. 

Next up:  Chris Johnson, RB/WR, East Carolina

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