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How Many Mo’?

According to Philadelphia-area media reports, the 76ers and coach Maurice Cheeks are near a contract extension.

Reports in the Inquirer and Daily e468ee47-539e-4fda-831d-23b697179dfa.jpgNews stated that an agreement to keep Cheeks as coach is imminent, but not yet finished. Cheeks, 51, is in the final year of a three-year contract.

To be honest, I liked Mo as a player, but not as a coach. I feel that he does not get all that he can out of any given player. He looks bored on the sideline and never shows much of what I would call TRUE emotion. It’s like he knows his boss is watching and makes himself look busy by standing up here and there. I honestly think that Jim Lynam is calling most of the plays. He’s the only coach that I see getting into player’s faces and using the whiteboard.

In my mind he definitely underachieved in Portland, only posting a record of 162-139, with a very good team. Two playoff appearances and a career playoff record of 3- 7. Portland steadily declined in each year that Cheeks was tenured there. He’s horrible when it comes to handling the media, and I can see that translating to him handling his team. He needs to go if the Sixers think they will ever climb the hump that is mediocrity. Its time to pump some life into this team, and a few Mo’ years of Bo-ring Mo-rice Cheeks, is definitely not the way to do it.


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