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Eagles to Offer Randy Moss HUGE Deal

Over the weekend I heard ESPN’s Chris Mortenson reported that if Randy Moss hits free agency, he will be offered a $40 million deal on the first day from the Eagles.


Also over the weekend it seems that there are a lot of teams who have reportedly shown interest in Donovan McNabb. Their is a rumor that the Dolphins reportedly would offer the #1 pick for him which I think has to be wrong, but very interesting and if I were the Eagles I might consider.  We all have heard that the Bears are interested (Donnie returning home to Chi-town), as well as Brad Childress and Minnesota, and Jon Harbaugh and the Ravens.

So I will throw this out there.

The Eagles better not think that signing a healthy L.J. Smith is enough and we definitely need to improve at WR and DE this offseason, whether through the draft, free agency, or some sort of trade.  I do not know exactly where we stand in terms of money and the salary cap, but I know we were under last year and seem to have some spending room (I believe around $20 mil). 

Do we cut Jevon and Darren Howard and throw the house at Moss? 

Do we trade McNabb to the ‘Phins for the #1 and try and sign Moss with that extra money saved (We could then trade the #1 for a few picks, or do whatever)? 

My Move:  Jevon’s career is basically over and its time for both (him and the Eagles) to move their seperate ways.  I would not mind seeing Darren Howard go either (who had a horrible year by the way).  This would amount for a lot of cap room which we can then throw at a top receiver (RANDY MOSS).  Keep Donovan too, can you imagine Randy running at top speed straight downfield and McNabb unleashing his cannon.  It would be beautiful to watch.  In mind opinion neither Reggie Brown or Kevin Curtis are #1 receivers, but would make one of the best #2 and #3 combos in the league.  Wes Welker ring a bell. Kevin Curtis could be that guy, given a #1 threat to take the heat off of himself and Reggie Brown.  The time is now people.  2008 is looking more and more like the best chance we could have for years to come.


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