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Confirmed: Carney to T’Wolves

It has been confirmed that the Philadelphia 76ers have traded Rodney Carney, Calvin Booth and a future number one pick for a $2.8 million trade exception.

This move clears up $2.8 million in cap space for Philadelphia. The deal can’t be finalized until Wednesday according to NBA league rules.

The fact that Ed Stefanski had the cahones to include a future first round pick for almost $3 million worth of cap space tells me that he is going for all the glory NOW. I am thoroughly excited to see what happens in the days to come. Word around the blogosphere yesterday was that we would have a final word on Brand’s whereabouts within 24-48 hours. We are almost 24 hours closer to knowing his fate.


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Sixers “Actively Involved” in the Brand Hunt

According to ESPN.com’s Mark Stein:

NBA front-office sources told ESPN.com on Monday night that the Philadelphia 76ers are again “actively involved” in the Brand hunt — and now a very serious threat to tempt him away from L.A. — after initially fearing that they couldn’t compete financially with the Clippers and Golden State Warriors.

…sources say that the Sixers are growing increasingly confident in their ability to create additional salary-cap space by trading away swingman Rodney Carney and center Calvin Booth, setting them up to make a sufficiently rich offer Brand would struggle to refuse.

Dealing away Carney and Booth — with Minnesota and Memphis quickly emerging as possible destinations — would shed nearly $3 million from the Sixers’ payroll next season as long as the trade doesn’t require new GM Ed Stefanski to take any salary back.

…and if the Sixers can finalize a trade to part with Carney and Booth — it’s conceivable that Philadelphia could possess the financial flexibility to start a five-year offer to Brand at a first-year salary in the $15 million range.

Ed Stefanski is on the move and I like where his head is at.  He looks to finally make a push for the biggest piece of the puzzle, something that could potentially propel us to ‘Contender’ status in the East, something we have coveted for a long time to no avail, a power forward.

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To Make the Playoffs, or Not Make the Playoffs?

As the 76ers start their unofficial second half of the season tonight in Minneapolis, we seem to have deja vu about how the Sixers should approach the final 29 games of the NBA season.

Last year, the dust was still settling from the Allen Iverson trade to Denver, and the Sixers found themselves within punching distance of the 8th and final d031be0a-bf63-4d9c-9fe4-805b1e539811.jpgplayoff spot in the East. However, the census around the city was the Sixers should play their young talent extensively and try to position themselves for the best LOTTERY pick possible. In other words; TANK.

They finished the season playing hard and inspired basketball and ended up 35-47.  This landed them five games out of the final playoff spot, gave them very few balls in the lottery drawing, and knotted them the 13th overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft. Not quite what the ferocious Philly fans (myself included) had in mind.

Coming off this years All-Star break the Sixers are 23-30 and are in a three-way tie for the 7th seed in the pathetic Eastern Conference at the moment.

So what to do this year???

After landing two additional first round picks last year, people were foaming at the mouth at the chances of a top 7, or 8 pick, a mid-first rounder, and a late first rounder. They ended up with the13th pick and the 21st pick after the lottery and a couple draft day deals.

This year, the Sixers need to build for the future going forward.  The best way to do this in my mind is to do all they can to get that into the playoffs and gain some experience (however short it will be) that is so valuable to a young and growing team.  The Sixers have been sort of stuck in sports hell; that being mediocrity. And once again,  the Sixers are on pace (even if they don’t make the playoffs) to be assured an 11th, 12th, or 13th pick again. However, a team full of Lou Williams, Thaddeus Youngs, Andre Iguodalas, and Rodney Carneys; gaining playoff knowledge from most likely the Pistons or Celtics over four games, is something that could potentially be extremly valuable to the growth process of these young players and could pay off huge dividends down the road. 

Back in heyday of Larry Brown, when Allen Iverson was running the team with a flurry of randoms and in-experienced guys at his side, playoff disappointments were a normal conclusion to the end of a few boring, middle of the pack seasons.   They were swept back to back years by the Pacers, but they continually matured and grew together as a team and eventually put it all together and made that memorable 2001 Finals run.

In order to have that the same growth and learning curve  like the ’01 Sixers had, a playoff berth for this years version (no matter if it is a 4 game sweep) will definitely be more beneficial to this group, then falling out of the playoff picture and into another lottery debacle like last year.

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Another Sixer-less All-Star Game

Another All-Star weekend, another no-show by the Sixers. Once again their will be no All-Stars joining the East squad or even participating in All-Star weekend from the Philadelphia 76ers. Surprised? We no longer have a three point threat to compete due to “Double K’s” Kyle Korver’s departure to the land of Mormons. And after Iggy got robbed two years back in the dunk contest, I don’t blame him for not wanting to participate. Honestly, how many chances are you gonna give the little guy (Nate Robinson)?

The only two 76ers who would come close to warrant bids to the big game are the two Andre’s: Iguodala and Miller. For the season Iggy is averaging 19.4 ppg, 5.6 rpg, and 4.7 apg. He obviously was not beating out LeBron, but come on, Joe Johnson (similar numbers, teams both tied for 7th spot), and Richard Hamilton made the squad (18.7 ppg, 4.4 apg, and 3.3 rpg – explain that one). Miller, who had a better chance due to the weak point guard play in the East, is averaging 16.6 ppg and 6.6 apg at the midway point.

No love for Rodney Carney or Thaddeus young in the Sophomore/Rookie showdown?

Word on the street is Andre Miller could be a replacement for Jason Kidd due to the trade rumors between the Nets and the Mavs. Finally, some pub for the (215).

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