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Roy Williams Out For Season

Cowboys safety Roy Williams broke his right forearm for the second time Sunday in his first game back from the previous injury, and owner Jerry Jones said he’d miss the rest of the year.

Williams, was hurt midway through the third quarter of a 34-14 loss to the St. Louis Rams. It was not clear how he was hurt.

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FACK: It’s Official, Roy’s a ‘Boy

According to some news outlets the deal has already been agreed upon while others have not confirmed yet.  AOL apparently knows enough to say it is official.  Former All-Pro wideout Roy Williams is officially a Jerry Jones employee.

Fast Fact: The Cowboys now have two Roy Williams’ on their team, one on either side of the ball and I now hate them both.

The Terms: The Cowboys will give up a first-round pick in 2009, plus a third- and sixth-rounder that year for Williams and a seventh-round pick in ’09.

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Roy Williams and Roy Williams Teammates?

More news from Cowboy country.  The Dallas Cowboys are busy today and apparently discussing with the Detroit Lions a trade for wide receiver Roy Williams.

The biggest douchebag owner in all of sports, Jerry Jones, believes Williams can provide an immediate boost to a faltering offense without quarterback Tony Romo and views him as a potential long-term solution as the eventual replacement for aging Terrell Owens.

The source said the Cowboys are willing to make the deal, but the Lions seem hesitant because they are operating without a GM since the long awaited firing of Matt Millen.  The Lions have been demanding a 1st rd draft choice just to consider a deal, and it is not known if Jones is willing to make the trade at that compensation level. The Cowboys could offer a 2nd and 3rd round pick, since they have multiple choices in the 3rd round.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said one GM stated that there was a strong possibility the Lions would trade Williams to the Cowboys or Eagles on Tuesday, however Philadelphia is believed to be more interested in Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez as previously mentioned here.

The Eagles once again have Lito and two 1st  round picks to dangle out there.  MAKE A MOVE BIRDS.


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Monday Night was not Jackson’s First Folley

Before showboating cost him his first NFL touchdown, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson’s antics cost him a touchdown in a high school all-star game.

Monday night, Jackson looked to be on the receiving end of a 61-yard touchdown pass from Donovan McNabb against Dallas. Instead, the pass play officially went for 60 yards when Jackson dropped the ball a yard short of the end zone while showing off after blowing past Dallas defensive backs Pacman Jones and Roy Williams for the apparent touchdown.

Philadelphia scored on the next play for a 27-21 lead, saving Jackson more embarrassment.

Those who have followed Jackson’s career since he starred at Long Beach Poly had flashbacks Monday night, remembering that Jackson did the same type of thing in the 2005 U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio.

In that one, Jackson hauled in a long pass and looked to be in position to score a 53-yard touchdown. Instead, he decided to do a flip from about the 5. One problem: The ball hit the ground at the 1 and Jackson lost control after the ball hit the turf. He also was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Jackson still was named MVP of the all-star game, finishing with a TD pass on a trick play and seven receptions for 141 yards.

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Fool’s Gold Rush

With numerous April Fool’s rumors swirling around the Philly sports world today, as probably every major market, lets put to rest a few articles that some assholes tought would be hilarious to post. 

 This however is true, and really awesome.

On a more serious note now, I went home for lunch today and tuned into ESPN to hear the NFL segment where they put teams on the clock and go over their needs and wants as the draft approaches. 

The Vikings happened to be the featured team and at first they discussed their incredible rookie sensation Adrian Peterson and how they are stacked at RB with Chester Taylor spelling him.  After that they questioned their quarterback position (Travaris Jackson) and mentioned how Donovan McNabb is their guy to fill the spot.  WHAT THE F?

I thought all this Donovan trade talk was put to bed a while ago, and here we have ESPN, the Mecca that is sports TV and Media, broadcasting (spreading more rumors) to the world that this guy is back on the market and most likely going to be dealt.  I swear these fuckers just make shit up to fill time on their show.  Personally I don’t know where they come up with this stuff, and it seems as though their researchers/reporters in the field have as much access and knowledge as a blogger like myself.   

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Which 1 Will Come Out on Top?

Davidson had Kansas by on the ropes last night only to lose it in the final 90 seconds of play.  I don’t care what anyone says, Stephen Curry is the real deal and proving to a lot of big-time coaches, that the little kid with a naughty jumper can still play and DOMINATE games.  He has to be the unanimous decision for tourney MVP after dropping 40 on Gonzaga, 30 on Georgetown, 33 against Wisconsin, and 25 against Kansas.  This kid has a bright future and just put himself on the map as the NBA Draft nears.   Sources say that Curry has made himself an early 2nd round pick after not even being on any draft boards prior to the Tournament.  Scratch that, according to ESPN.com, Curry says he will return. Look out for Davidson next year folks.

With the Kansas Jayhawks ending Davidson’s miracle run last night 59 – 57 at Ford Field in Detroit, we now have our Final Four set.  For the first time in NCAA Tournament history we have all four #1 seeds in the Big Dance. 


Ben Howland’s UCLA Bruins will face John Calipari’s gangsta squad, Memphis, at 6:07 PM on Saturday from the Alamo Dome.

Roy William’s Tar Heels and Bill Self’s Jayhawks will follow with the tip-off scheduled for 8:47 PM.

Predictions to come Friday.


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NCAA Tourney Talk: West and East Regions

WEST Region – Phoenix, AZ
Xavier vs West Virginia 7:10 pm (WVU -1)

Jumpin' Joe Slams for two... during practice

Chris – Red hot Joe Alexander versus one of the best teams in the nation at shutting down an opposing teams star player. Although Xavier does not have a big inside presence, which teams who do have been successful against Alexander do, but they play extremely solid team defense. Xavier is also an extremely balanced with six guys averaging between 9.8 and team leader Josh Duncan’s 12.1 PPG.

This is a tough West Virginia team that Coach Huggins will have playing physical for a full 40 minutes, but XU will have too much firepower and will do too good a job spreading around the offense.
The Pick: Xavier 72  West Virginia 69. Take Xavier and the points to win outright.

Brian – Let’s see, who’s tougher; a Mountaineer or a Musketeer? 

West Virginia has been hot lately and Joe Alexander has established himself as a serious load in the paint.  West Virginia pulled off what looked to be an easy win down the stretch against Duke without one of the top players, Darris Nichols even really getting going on the offensive end.  Joe Mazzulla also came off the bench and played wonderfully, which allows Huggy Bear the ability to go deep and wear out Drew Lavender and the Musketeers.

I look for Dub V to pounce on Xavier early and control the game from the start and finally shut down this fluke that is Xavier as a 3 seed.
The Pick: West Virginia covering the 2.5.  WVU 78  Xavier 71.

UCLA vs Western Kentucky 9:40 pm (UCLA -12.5)

Chris – I think the Hilltoppers give the Bruins an interesting match up. They’re great from 3 point range, which we all know is the great equalizer in every NCAA tournament game. They’re strong inside and on the boards. Super fresh Kevin Love might be forced to make more plays from the outside. This is an experienced, veteran, senior laden Western Kentucky squad that is good enough to hang around because of their three point shooting ability, and could pull off the shocker if the backcourt gets red hot.

Look for UCLA to really sweat in this one. But eventually pull it out as they are just too talented & too deep for the Sun Belt Cinderella Hilltoppers. Look for the Bruins aggressive defense to be too much to handle for undersized PG Tyrone Brazleton for 40 minutes.
The Pick: UCLA 68  Western Kentucky 61.  12.5 is a high spread for this level of competition, take the points.  UCLA wins but W Kentucky covers.

Brian – The buck stops here for the Hilltoppers.  UCLA will get back on the high horse they have been riding all year after a lackluster performance against Texas A&M.  They played awful and still managed to pull it out at the end. 

I think they get their act together tonight and get an easy win.  Darren Collison will prove too much to handle for Tyrone Brazleton and the combo of Westbrook, Shipp, and Mbah a Moute will finally cancel out Courtney Lee.
The Pick – UCLA covers the 12.5 in a statement game.  And they are my champ in my bracket, so I need to go with my gut.  UCLA 82  WKU 69.

EAST Region – Charlotte, NC
Washington St vs North Carolina 7:27 pm (UNC -8)

Chris – The most curious of the Sweet 16 match ups features the powerhouse that’s always in the national spotlight, North Carolina. We know the coach, the players, the history. Versus the no-name Washington State Cougars.

This will be a grind it out, control tempo, extremely hardnosed defense Cougars team. After holding the high powered Notre Dame offense to under 25% shooting; if they can play THAT type of defense against the Heels, we could be in for a dandy.

This is going to be an ultimate battle of willing your style into the game. The UNC offense which has been strong all season seems to be hitting its stride at the perfect time. After exploding in the ACC tournament, the offense has seemingly gotten even better in the first 2 rounds.

Ultimately with Coach Roy Williams and his staff having a week to prepare for the Cougar defensive attack, the Heels will be too much down the stretch, and the Cougars will not be able to match baskets with the North Carolina
The Pick: North Carolina 80 Washington State 69.  UNC covers easy.

Brian – UPSET SPECIAL.  Washington State in a thriller.  Actually I know nothing about Washington State.  Their games are never on TV, and being a resident of the (215) I didn’t even get to see their games so far during the tournament. 
The Pick – WAZZU 79  UNC 76.  Going out on a limb here.  Take the points though.

Louisville vs Tennessee 9:57 pm (Louisville -2.5)


Chris – The best game of the Thursday foursome. Rick Pitino’s Cardinals have been playing great basketball for the past month (minus the early Big East tourney exit). With guard Chris Lofton going to playing on a bulky ankle, many are calling for the Cardinals upset. I do not. Tennessee is loaded, playing 9 players 15+ minutes Bruce Pearl and his gang will find a way to force this into the shoot-out they want. The Smith’s; JaJaun, Tyler and Raymour, as well as Wayne Chism will be able to pick up any slack Chris Lofton has as result of a sore foot, achilles, and ankle (which might be none at all) and the Vols will shoot their way into the Elite 8.
The Pick: Tennessee 84 Louisville 82. I think it will be close, I’m going with Pitino and the points.

Brian – Completley agree with Chris above that this is the best game of the night.  We better get plenty of live look-ins into this one. 

I see Bruce Pearl’s gangsta ass squad of the Smith’s and Chism combined with Chris Lofton’s ankle being fine (probably a Tom Brady strategy) running and gunning all night long.  They are too big and too athletic and ultimatley… will be too much.
The Pick – TENN 83  L’VILLE 74.  Tennesee getting points,  TAKE IT.


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Don’t, Don’t, Don’t, Don’t Believe the Hype

Source: Update on Wide Receiver Hunt

March 5, 2008

Jel Kiper here to report some info that I found this morning.

A source close to the situation, the same person that broke the Asante Samuel signing to us, has confirmed that the Eagles will seek Roy Williams or Chad Johnson in a trade. The source told us to expect the Eagles to bring in a big name wide receiver this offseason. Asante Samuel was number one on the list and a big name receiver was a close number two. The Eagles are currently sitting tight awaiting to hear about the Larry Fitzgerald negotiations, but they will also seek Roy Williams or Chad Johnson if the Fitzgerald deal seems unlikely.

This confirms earlier reports by OTR that the Eagles are indeed loading up for a run. Eagles fans should be very excited that the Eagles organization is ready to take the team to the next level. Pieces are being put in place and hopefully all goals will be accomplished this offseason so the Eagles can make a Super Bowl run.

Don’t believe the propaganda that Reid, Banner, and Spadaro are throwing out.  They cant seem desperate, even though they are.


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Green Thoughts

The Eagles jumped right in on Friday’s free agency when they signed the biggest name on the first day. Asante Samuel is a great CB who can press, play off coverage, blitz, and most of all make big plays. Samuel’s biggest strengths are being able to drop back and get in and out of his breaks while keeping an eye on the quarterback. This allows him to make big jumps on passes and create turnovers. He also is a very smart cornerback. He reads routes well and understands offensive concepts so he can see one route develop and know the complimentary route that goes along with it.  To sum it up Asante is smart and aggressive which should bode well in Double J’s style of defense. 

Chris Clemons’ signing was made out to be a bigger deal then it really is.  Clemons is way too small to be an every down DE. At 245 lbs he will see time on 3rd and long and other obvious passing situations. In my opinion he may see about 10 snaps a game. In those 10 snaps this high motor DE can create serious havoc with Trent Cole and maybe another DE (Howard, Abiamiri, etc) moving to DT on those plays. This guy is a role player, which we all know have importance, but he is not the answer to finding a DE that can play with Cole.

So what now? Did the storm pass? Let me throw a couple of “indicators” that tells me they have something else up their sleeves. I don’t think anyone can argue that Big Red seems to think he has his shit together and borderlines arrogant in the way he continually does the same thing, thinking it will work now when it has fallen short in the past. I think when you understand that, along with listening to Jeff Lurie during the Samuel press conference talk about how he does not want to be the type of owner who steers clear of certain positions when mistakes have been made with those positions in the past (aka WR and T.O. or drafting a DE high in round 1, Jerome McDougle).


So the question remains, is there a second part to signing Samuel. I am not part of the small group who thinks that Lito can/will play with Samuel. First of all, Lito wants more loot and playing with someone making a boatload more just will not work. Second of all, Sheldon COULD play FS, but I don’t think he is best suited for FS and he is not big enough to play SS. So Lito has to go, sell high, and understand he is undersized and injury prone. We simply cannot have him missing 4-6 games a year.

I am going to throw out the bottom 9 teams in pass defense and see if they have a player who might match Lito’s skill and could be a potential match.

1. Vikings – With the worst pass defense giving up 264 passing yards per game. Childress and Reid remain in open dialogue and I am sure the Vikings would like Lito, but for what price? I don’t think the Vikings would give up the #17 pick for Lito and I don’t think they have anything else we want.

2. Lions – Yes, they are hurting for a CB and their pass defense has been bad for YEARS. Roy Williams is someone every Eagles fan would love on this roster. Would you do Lito and our 2nd or 3rd for Roy Williams? I would certainly consider it heavily.

3. Saints – They just signed Randall Gay so in their minds they are probably set now. I would trade Lito for Colston,but I’m not so sure Saints would be down.

4. Bills – How about Lito for Lee Evans? Maybe the Bills sign Bryant Johnson and trade Evans before he is an UFA next year. We would need to work out an extension first, but this works well for both teams.

5. Cardinals – Whatever it takes for Larry Fitzgerald. I repeat, WHATEVER it TAKES! Boldin is a perfect fit for our offense so if Larry is not available, is Quan?

6. Bears – They have no talent (Period).

7. Bengals – Ocho Cinco for Lito in a package deal. You want a deep threat, he is one of the best.

8. Texans – I would love Andre Johnson, but they would need to be unbelievably stupid to want to trade ‘Dre.  So maybe, it is Houston, and they did just resign Andre Davis.

9. Falcons – Roddy White was pretty impressive last year with no real QB. Raise your hand if you are an Eagles fan and Roddy White is the #1 WR you were looking for.

Free Agents :

Randy MossResigned with the Pats – 3 yr, $27 million. Apparently Samuel told Banner and Big Red how great of a teammate Randy is and how much he has matured. This would be right in line with Kearse/TO in 2004. Biggest defensive FA on day one, followed by the top WR available.

Bryant Johnson – He was the Cardinal’s #3, so he could be signed to be our #1….that seems about right.


Six of the top seven teams need help at CB. I could see the Eagles packaging up Lito and their #1 to make a big jump on draft day for their future LT or a stud DE. Chris Long, Jake Long, Vernon Gholston, Ryan Clady could all be targets to make a big move on draft day. Chris Long and Jake Long are flat out studs. Gholston is a freak athletically and played very well at OSU. Clady could be a reach, but OT talent always seems to go early.

  What will the Eagles do next?        

      1) Bring in a WR
      2) Package Lito
      3) Another FA pickup
      4) Add via the Draft
      5) Stand Pat

               View Results

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Donovan Replies to Fan’s Online Blog Post

D5 actually responded to a fan via his blog mcnabb.jpgon Yardbarker.  I dont know too many atheltes that would actually take the time to do that, except for maybe Gilbert Arenas, the blogmaster that he is.  Donovan seems to have turned over a new leaf since the heavy criticism early in the year, and I think its just the kinda of outlook he needs to get this team back on track.  The Championship track that is.
If the New York “Football” Giants could win the Super Bowl this year by defeating hands-down the best team ever in the NFL, there’s absolutely no reason the Iggles can’t do it in ’08.  I completely agree with everything this fan had to say and I thank McNabb for taking the time to respond.  Lets go Eagles!

Here is the beginning of his letter:

Dear 5,

I’m gonna try to do this without coming off as corny as possible. But I’m actually writing an open letter on a website to a premier athlete, so I realize the irony. But regardless, as a DIE-HARD Eagles fan who just witnessed another division foe add another Lombardi to their trophy case, I feel the need to express the thoughts and feelings of my fellow disheartened brethren everywhere. Well, that and I can’t sleep.

There isn’t even a debate that you are the greatest QB this city has ever seen. Some people may not believe that the fans of this team agree with that sentiment. But the fact remains that we are the ones who actually made that proclamation this year when we voted you in for the 75th anniversary team.

Click here to read the rest of the letter.

Here is Donovan McNabb’s response to him:

Thank you for the very kind words. Yes, I believe that many fans feel the same way as you and I cherish that support. We are no different…I want nothing more than to end the heartache of Eagles fans by bringing a Super Bowl championship to Philadelphia.

Trust me the effort is there. It’s been my life’s ambition to win a championship at this level. In 1999, when Coach Reid and I first got together, we each envisioned what it would be like to win a Super Bowl for Philadelphia. We still share that dream of seeing it become a reality.

It all starts with winning the NFC East. We have to get back on top of the division. Congratulations go to the Giants for their Super Bowl win but that was for the 2007 season. As we get ready for 2008, we have a fresh start. We must find a way to be better than the Giants, the Cowboys and the Redskins.

So “J,” thanks again for the kind words and support. Please keep the faith in me and the Eagles!


And if we can’t get Chad Johnson, lets get Roy Williams.

Puhhleasee get one of those wideouts.

Thank you All Philadelphia Sports.

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