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Penn State Climbs in BCS Averages

Penn State climbed in the mathematics of the BCS standings after its big win at Ohio State, closing the gap on first-place Texas and second-place Alabama on Sunday.

However, the Lions are still in danger of being undefeated and left out of the BCS national championship game.

The Longhorns were again first by far in all the polls and on top of all the computer rankings. Staying undefeated won’t be easy for Texas, which plays at Texas Tech on Saturday.  The BCS Rankings please:

1st. Texas (.9981)
2nd. Alabama (.9499)
3rd. Penn State (.9257)

Penn State’s 13-6 victory over Ohio State helped in the computer rankings and pushed its average to .9257. The problem for the Nittany Lions is the weakness of the Big Ten in comparison to the Southeastern Conference and the Big 12.

After a week off, Penn State will play at Iowa (5-3) and then finish the season with home games against Indiana (3-5) and Michigan State (7-2).  It’s highly unlikely those opponents will help lift Penn State into one of the top two spots if the Crimson Tide win the SEC and Longhorns win the Big 12.  Penn State can really only hope for a loss out of one of the top two teams, which is possible with all the talent in those conferences and all the teams gunning at the top dawgs.

4th. Oklahoma (.8270)
5th. Southern California (.7822)

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