King of the Frauds

As a Philadelphia sports fans in the (215) region I am privileged to have the opportunity to listen to sports talk radio on a daily basis thanks to 610 WIP.   610 features a regular daily lineup starting bright and early at 5:30 am and running ’round the clock.  The lineup starts with Angelo Cataldi’s team of bandits: Angelo, Al Morganti, Jonesy, and Dia-Rhea. 

  • Speaking of Re Ha, does that commercial on WIP with Dia-Rhea screaming her face off annoy the shit out of anyone else but me?  Jesus Christ lady, I can’t imagine a household with you in it.

Next comes the 10 o’clock hour when the All-Star lineup of Stevey and Cuz hits the airwaves.  This is when I usually switch my radio dial from Glenn Beck on the Big Talker 1210, in favor of two of the best sports minds in the business (sorry cannot stand Cataldi’s voice or Jonesy’s Canadian accent in the mornings, hence Glenn Beck, who is a genius by the way).  Being the true sportsmen that they are, Stevey and Cuz’s remarkable insight and fresh opinions seem to echo throughout the region from the mouths of tons of dedicated listeners.  Their segment truly is the highlight of 610’s daily lineup.

Then the scum, the douche-bag, the tool, that smug piece of shit that is known as Howard Eskin takes the mic. 

(DONG). The 3 o’clock hour is upon us.

That dong basically makes me what to rip my hair out and throw my radio across my office as described in an earlier post.  I cannot say enough how much I truly and utterly despise Howard Eskin.  This guy is apparently the “face” of WIP which is a sports talk radio station, yet Eskin has the sports knowledge equivalent to that of an ass hair.  His moronic opinion and completely wrong”detailed accounts” of recent games is truly stunning.  So with that I am writing your employer this letter.


Dear 610, 

How can you employ a “sports talk host” that seems to know absolutely nothing about sports? That would be like employing a deaf, dumb and blind person to be a school teacher.  I mean does Eskin have any knowledge about anything that is relevant in his niche market.    Howard’s opinions are out of this world.  When a caller actually does have a very valid and factual point (which is few and far between with his audience) he seems to dismiss it faster then flash of lightning.  Promptly followed up by a smart ass remark due to Howard’s conceited nature, “beat it”.  Some of his regular annoying remarks as provided from wikipedia:

He is known to ask female callers about preparing dinner or washing the laundry and he calls obviously black callers “dawg” while sarcastically closing those conversations with the urban vernacular “holla”. In addition, Italian callers are often addressed as “cuz” and Dallas Cowboys’ fans are termed “cock-a-roaches”. Overall, Howard tends to think most people are “zeros trying to become ones.” He also mocks jittery Flyers fans, saying that big games are “five-underwear” games while giving them this wise advice: “If you’re scared, get a dog.”

I ask you to notice the two completely different audience’s your station attracts during the midday show and the evening show with Eskin.  The midday show is full of knowledgable fans, providing genuinely realistic questions and insight.  It sparks great debate throughout the region as everyone is usually on the same page and actively listening and making great contributions.  Then the evening show on the other hand is full of mind boggling callers with some of the most asinine ideas and views the sports talk world has ever heard.  The callers are half dead, senile, retarded old men who would stick their fingers up their ass if Howard told them too.  Whats with this guy everyday (Arthur) that sounds like his throat is burning off?  Its freaking ridiculous, how do you let these people on the airwaves.  It sounds like this guy swallowed a bottle of hydrochloric acid and smoked 800 cigarettes before his call, yet you allow this to continue on  a daily basis. 

So 610, with this letter I hope we can get the ball a rollin’ as they say, and get Howard off the airwaves sooner then later.  It is time for you to move on, it is time for the city to move on, and for the love of god it is time our ears had a break from this LOSER who has plagued this city for so long. 


the (215)


Howard, you NIT WIT, you are the worst sports talk figure in all of sports talk figures, taking the cake over Jim Rome, Skip Bayless, and Steven A Smith (what a dubious crowd).  You do not deserve any of the public attention you have garnered from your career and your claim to fame is your near involvement in a murder.  I bet you did do it, you FRAUD. 

Some pranks for everyones enjoyment (it is a compilation of a few pranks).  I found this on Youtube, to my surprise there was not that many prank calls documented on the internet.  I think we need to do something about this, specifically during Howie’s hours. 



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15 responses to “King of the Frauds

  1. Money Mike

    THANK YOU GOD…YES every time i hear that b!tch DIA Rea in that “great Philadelphia sports debate” commercial I go in a rage and want to rip the top half of my laptop right off. Who knows how many pile ups it has caused after people are driving and go into seizure just from hearing it.

    I say start the movement to get her AND that cock A roch off WIP….Dia-Rea would truly be F’d though, just saw her on CN8 sports last night… MAN she truly does have the face for radio. Is she a stroke victim? Hey Rea, if I come down to the station how bout we whip em out and see who’s is bigger?

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  3. Money Mike – Haha, I did see a snippet of her on CN8 last night, and wow she has one gnarly looking grill. I should have included sports reporters as well in my earlier post about Ugly Philly Athletes.

  4. Dustman

    Thank god my friend brian is such a good writer because he basically summed up how big of a doosh bag Eskin is in only a couple paragraphs kudos my friend

  5. Thanks Dustman, much appreciated… spread the love

  6. Jel Kiper

    What is not mentioned is the fact that “The King o Bling” also has created the negative Philly fan. He stokes the fire more then anyone else in the media. He has no insight about the way sports are played, no insight into what teams may do and why, and knows nothing about college or professional athletes (which is insane because he is in SPORTS MEDIA), so he relies on completely overblowing every little thing he can that puts a negative and gloomy outlook on Philly sports. I am so tired of him acting like he has an inside source with any of the Philadelphia teams. He said there was no chance we got TO, knew nothing of the Samuel, Kearse, or Donte Stallworth deals. He has never had any draft insight, yet because he constantly makes false statements seem true to his audience ( “The Eagles are not going to spend money on a WR, period” was a statement made a day prior to the report the eagles went after moss and fitzgerald). He has such a big mouth for a 5’6 little homo with zero athletic ability. I think on the next 610 WIP auction, they should submit a 15 minute boxing match with Eskin. I will liquidate to beat the hell out of him….seriously

  7. Now that would be some entertainment Jel, and I would def pay a fee to watch.

  8. PEter

    listen, a friend of mine and I who are sick of Howard Eskin’s ignorance and arrogance are starting a blog which will expose him for who he is and force him to own up to his words and actions. This website will be the beginning of the end for Howard. I will let you know as soon as possible when the site is up and running. Thanks!

  9. Finally, the thought has crossed my mind many a time.

    Let me know when its up

  10. money mike

    YESSSS…..if you would please let us all know when it is up and running, i will more then gladly help and participate…

  11. PEter

    just to let y’all now, howard contradicts himself so much that content won’t even be an issue…..the uniqueness our site will offer is not just opinions, but ACTION on several different levels that will be not only cost effective, but willl also put howard’s contradictions in the public spotlight…..the irony of all of this is that our blog, if successful, will probably INCREASE his ratings and make him even richer so that he can buy more bling and furr coats, of course……but as we all know, the enhancement of howard’s personal wealth willl not make his life better…but our carefully calculated combination of opinions and actions will help him realize not only that almost alll of Philadelphia hates him, but also that his opinions and commentary mean very little because he is uninformed, hypocritical, and the only reason he thinks he’s the man is because he has the power to hang up on people when he wants, reinforcing his ignorance. Howard is going to hate us sooo much that he will have to address us directly, and thus, willl be exposed…..

  12. money mike

    We should email WIP daily with our results to make an even quicker splash….PHAAAA

  13. lets start prank calling WIP again. there needs to be more documented pranks, especially into Eskin

  14. PEter

    alright boys, is up and ….sorry there is no content or blog yet, but there is a wonderful pic with message that all Eskin haters will appreciate

  15. Ok, http://www.IHateHowardEskin now is up, running, looking pretty, and primed to diss on the King of filth. If yalls hear Eskin spouting any trash, let us know for sure so we can get it up there.